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Look for the title of the book. Development of a scientific book review. There is no shortage of books written for the busy physician or academic expert in the current publishing market. Reviews of books are a valuable part of our magazine. Books review = short summary + evaluation (evaluation of the total value or contribution of a book or article to the academic field and specific stocktaking of.

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Are you looking for a review of a fictitious work? University work? The majority of book review articles are released shortly before release. Are you unsure when a song was first released? An extensive book review guidebook containing more than five million review quotes from more than 630,000 full-text review pages.

Choose the option "Check" under Advanced Search>Category. When you only want to review in certain journals, use Publications Titel to restrict your results. It is a data base for academic book review, online journalism and web resource review.

which is a magazine published every three months and is primarily devoted to promoting dialog between the humanities and the philosophical world.

which is a magazine published every three months and is primarily devoted to promoting dialog between the humanities and the arts. Specifically, questions of research logics, methods, epistemology and basic research in the humanities are dealt with using the examples of initial research in empirics, theory and philosophics. It attracts scientists from a range of disciplines who seek to offer a platform for those concerned with these questions and to try to close the gulf between the humanities and philosophies.

Papers from the fields of social sciences, philology, anthropology, geology, philology, semiotics, communications, ethno-methodology, political sciences and of course philosophical research are particularly welcome. Moved wall: Moved ceilings are usually depicted in years. Please note: The calculation of the movable partition does not include the year. If for example, if the present year is 2008 and a magazine has a five-year movable partition, 2002 items are available.

Vocabulary around the movable walls: Periodicals that no longer appear or have been used in combination with another publication.

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Are Israel a state like any other? In his latest book Israel, the renowned researcher of Hebrew historiography, Michael Brenner, asked himself this disputed issue. Israel's story is, as expected, very disputed - susceptible to over-politicization, polemic debates.....

Fashions on the Ration is based on the hit of Summers' Jambusters, which recounts the history of the Women's Institute in World War II. The historian Timothy Snyder is a polarising character in the new writing of history about the Second World War and the Holocaust in Eastern Europe. In his latest book, Black Earth (2015), an evolutionary study of courses of action and individual traumas during the consecutive National Socialist and Communist tyrannies, he has been widely rehearsed and critiqued.

Frozen Worlds: Revival of Renewed Renewal for Central Europe? Be it as a "lost East " or as an idealized, multi-cultural area like Galicia, Germans and Austrians have a complex relation to Central Europe. After Central Europe, Austria's and Germany's central European countries often view this place of ethnic and criminal origin with distrust - if.....

It is a curious thing to repeat a historic survey that is itself long in the teeth. Although E.H. Carr is a giant in the story of the story itself, a skeptic might say that his approaches are obsolete, his research method untrustworthy and his findings have already been beaten. Vita Sackville-West's "Women's Land Army" (written under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries) was the first confident effort to underline the organization struggles to save the land from hunger, which was released in 1944.

This book contains information about the experience of Land Girls and..... First and foremost, it should be pointed out that this book is by no means a new publication. A life-long videogame enthusiast who has recently turned into an emerging scholar of history, the opportunity to review this book was too good to do without.

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