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List of academic book publishers

Academic book publishers' directories are a list of scientific journals and magazines published by universities, institutions and colleges. Akademische Buchverlage - Book Publishers The list of academic book publishers includes scientific periodicals and periodicals edited by academic circles at various institutes, academies and university. This list is periodically refreshed. These will be handed in by the publisher. Please do not hesitate to ask the publisher if you have any queries about the information in these directories.

Please do not hesitate to send us your changes or let us know that we have overlooked something.

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A further possibility is the search for text edited by academic publishers or scientific societies - these non-profit organizations provide high standards of service, often at reasonable costs. Or you are looking for small specialist publishers with professional competence. Text from these "niche" publishers can be both high-quality and inexpensive (see Texty Prize winner on the right).

Publicises research on legal, organisational and political issues, psychological, sustainability, technologies (including polymeric and poetic sciences). Publicises socio-scientific literature, in particular business and administration. Akademische Bücher und Lehrbücher zu vielen Themen. Numerous disciplines, "including Humanities, Fine Arts, Asia, Classical Arts, Culture, History, Literature Critique and Literature, Mediaevalism, New York City and State, Political Economy and State, Philosphy and Political Affairs and Foreign Affairs, Political Affairs and Foreign Affairs, Safety Research, Latin America, Eurasia and Slavics, Political and Political and Political Affairs, as well as Political Theologies.

" Also in the fields of science and living science. "He has written numerous works in many fields, but especially in the fields of economics, business administration, the liberal arts as well as economics and economics. Published in the fields of literature, philosphy, psycology and the study of religions with particular strengths in the English Renaissance. There are many subjects, especially in the fields of man and woman, especially in the fields of classical and anthropological literature, communication, visual art, literature, philosophy, politics, religions, sociology as well as hisology.

" Specialized in the study and training of the hearing impaired. Publicises textbooks on the following topics: biotechnology, ethical, international issues, language, linguistics, politics, religious issues. Abbaccadées and academic text on a variety of subjects. Numerous subjects in the arts and society, among them " Africa, African-American, Asia, culture, Jews and Holocaust, Middle East, Russian and Eastern Europe as well as women's and sex research; ethnology, cinema, history, biotechnology, medicine, music, palaeontology, anthropropology, philanthropy, philosphy, philosophical and religious scholars.

" He has worked in a wide range of fields, in particular in the fields of historiography, academia, literature, medical research and policy-making. Scientific textbooks and articles in the fields of arts and society, in particular in the fields of applied arts, economy, medias, history, literatures, policy and psychology. "publishs scientific papers in the fields of philosphy, hisology, and other chosen arts. "Cheap articles issued by an organization.

Published mainly in the field of human and economic work. Broad spectrum of subjects in the fields of art, liberal arts, natural-science, and sociology. Particular strength in the fields of historiography, literary and Indian lore. Publications in the fields of mathematics, chemistry, architecture, life and health, economy, cognitive research, communications, computer and information technologies, and more.

"Each year, the NAP produces more than 200 publications on a broad spectrum of scientific, technical and medical subjects. Published on arts and sociology subjects, with particular focus on Slavic and Eastern Europe study, US and Europe historiography and Midwestern U.S. publications in the arts, sociology and jurisprudence.

Akademische Bücher und Texte für Afroamerikanistik, Kreatives Schreiben, Kulturwissenschaften, Geschichte, Sprachen, Literatur, Politik und Frauenforschung. "mainly produces scientific textbooks and textbooks of particular importance to the Pacific Northwest, particularly those relating to the local historical, scientific, cultural and literary heritage, as well as questions of the environment and resources.

To have a Penn State Press book as text, you can order cheap paperbacks. Writings for Biology & Behavioral Sciences, Chinese Language, Geosciences, Economy & Finance, Mathematics, Ph. Contains scientific textbooks and articles on many subjects. Akademische Bücher zu Themen wie Anthropologie, Landeskunde, Betriebswirtschaft, Volkswirtschaftslehre, Geschichte, Judaistik, Recht, Literatur, Philosophie, Politik, Religion and Sociologie.

Akademische Bücher and articles on many subjects, especially sociology, arts, education und psychological work. Published on socio-scientific and humanistic subjects. Educational academic textbooks. Published mainly in the arts and society. Areas of specialization cover farming and environmental issues, physics and aerospace engineering, borderland research, economic and petroleum engineering, gardening, historical archeology (Texas and Southwest), maritime archeology, maritime archeology, civilian communications, biology, presidential study, local and humanities, vets and scientific research.

Subjects of the book are among other things cultural and cultural geography, Native and American languages and literature, Native and native languages, Native America, Native America, Native America, Native America, Native America, Native America and Southeast Asia literature, Borders Research, Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Jewish Studies, Latin American Studies & Latino/a-Studies, Natural History & Natural Sciences, Vietnam & Southeast Asia Studies. Publicises literature and literature study, literature, architecture and landscapes, literature anthology, literature and literature study, literature study and region.

Themes are: " political and historical, mother tongues and culture, scientific and historical, biographies and memoirs, poems, literature and anthology as well as authenticity. "Published a large number of articles on a broad range of subjects. Published socio-scientific and humanistic articles, particular strengths in nutrition. Published text in many areas, but is particularly powerful in the field of SCI.

Lots of textbooks in the areas of medicine, science, the humanitarian science and society. "The main focus is on textbooks from the areas of geosciences, sociology, life and geosciences in the areas of philosophy, religious education, ethnology, literature, culture and culture, environmental and linguistics. It has a particularly prestigious list in Asia and is recognised as a leading publication in the areas of Buddhism and South East Asia study.

" There are many subjects, especially in the fields of liberal Arts and Philosophy - strong points in Afroamerican literature, in the fields of historiography, films and medias, labour economics, literature, music, womens and sexology. Numerous subjects, especially in the fields of literature and non-fiction, literature and literature, Middle-Western historiography, archeology, military and veteran research, upper Midwest environmental engineering, literature, poetry, literature and literature, subject study, literature and non-fiction, literature and literature, poestry, public anthropology, drama and cultural studies".

" "ªAmerican Studies widely defined-books that explores the history, policy, literature, cultural, and environmental of the United States" Bücher in "a large scale of humanitarianities and societal science disciplines. ª Bücher in "a large scale of hu mainities and sys. "Publications in the arts and society, especially in the fields of political and contemporary affairs, medicine, arts, architecture, raciality, sex and humanities. "University of Nebraska Press has published six major books:

Indian Studios, Histoire, Sports, Geography and Anthropology, Cultural Criticism, Cultural Work. Published " in the areas of Humanities, Archeology, Indian Affairs, Comparative Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics, Chicana/o-Study, Arts, Architectural and Historical Arts, Western Science, Western Science, Environmental and Cultural Arts. "Publicises non-fiction books in the sociological and humanistic disciplines.

Published in the arts and sociology, with particular focus on Texan and cultural heritage, medical and cultural heritage, medical and cultural heritage, medical and cultural heritage, medical and cultural heritage, cultural heritage, cultural heritage, cultural diversity, cultural heritage, cultural heritage, music, cultural and cultural heritage, cultural heritage and women's research. Published mainly in the arts and tradtional sociology with a focus on religious and philosophical subjects and ethic; literature critique; mediaeval research; politics; Afro-Americanism, Latino and South Americanism.

Publications on the West and the Indians, as well as archeology, ancient civilizations, languages and literary works, scientific works, politics and women's work. "University of Pittsburgh Press has published publications in the fields of Latino America Study, Eastern and Eastern Europe Study, Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania Territorial Study, Cultural Education, Cultural and Historical Landscapes, Architectural and Architectural Research, Arts and Humanities, Writing and Alphabetisation, Scientific Research and Theology.

" "University of Rochester Press has published scientific publications in the areas of musical science, musical theories, ethnic musicalology, africanism, Middle Europe education, early contemporary western Europe, 20th cent. sex and racial science in America, and the histories of wit. "Published " Scholarships in the areas of historical (American, Afroamerican, southern, civil war, gastronomic, nautical and feminine), geography, literary, religion and rhetorical.

" Published title in the arts and sociology, among them "African-American Studies, Southernhistory, Southern-Historic, Appalachian Studies, Materials Culture, and Lit. studies". "UTP Higher Education is a publishing house for academic works. Most of our textbooks are used for basic study programmes in the fields of historical and non-scientific research. "UTP produces scientific literature in the fields of economics, the arts and economics.

ROTMAN-UTP produces accounting records that "combine research and practice". "Published in Antropology & Archeology; Mormon, Indian, Middle Eastern and other Meso-American languages; Science & Geography; and Area Themes. "EIAP's programme concentrates primarily on the arts and sociology with a focus on US historiography, Afroamericanism, Latin America, literary research, ecocritics and local publications.

" Posted on many subjects with strong points in Northwest Coast and Alaska Indians, Asian-American experiences, humanities, Asian sciences, environment study, Judaism and more. Scientific literature is available in the fields of America literature, humanities, art, classical music, environment, ethnology, cinema, gays and lesbians, literature, and Slavistics.

Provides a collection of textbooks on ethnology, archeology, compositional ( "writing science"), ethnology, historical and scientific subjects. "Many subjects, especially in archeology and archeology, dancing, Latin America and Middle East study and lit. Publicises textbooks in the fields of arts, society and nature. Afroamericanism, Faulkner, movies, folk, popular art, historical, literature as well as musical.

"This programme mirrors the strength of the disciplines of the humanities, free art, the visual, ornamental and pictorial sciences, architecture, literature, New England and inter-disciplinary study. "Vanderbilt University Press's editing interests cover most areas of the fields of economics, business, the humanitarian and welfare sectors, as well as healthcare and educational. "The main themes are the "American West, in particular the story, past events, environmental, political and cultural life of the Greater Northwest.

" There are many themes with particular strength in Great Lakes, Judaica and Afroamericanism. "This is an edited programme focusing on Connecticut's poems, folk songs, dancing, science fixtures, movie TV and Connecticut's heroes. "Publications non-fiction on Afroamerican and central Appalacian scientific subjects, mediaeval research, local and cultural histories, and works of art in the fields of literary and apoetry.

He has published works on African studies, Islam and Near East studies, Southern Asian studies, war and conflict studies, and politics.

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