Academic Book Proposal Template

Template for an academic book proposal

Assistance in finding a topic, preparation of an idea paper, preparation of an application, completion of a diploma thesis. If you send a book proposal to a publisher, it may be sent to reviewers. Akademic Coaching & Writing - "Academic Book Proposal Template". Who is the book for? You should include a letter similar to the query letter you sent.

Proposed model book (Annex B)

Bottom is the initial proposal for this book. In a way, the book itself deviated from the specifications contained in the proposal. During my time as Academic Publish Director at Continuum, I often felt disappointed at the number of repetitions in academic publication. A new author makes the same mistake as his predecessor.

From the discussions with the writers I have also learned that external publication can be very enigmatic. Potential writers are often unsure how to make a bid or make a deal. The reasons for these choices are often unclear even to the less astonished writers.

Therefore, a guideline is needed that explains the two academic authoring and publishing process and enables the author to reach his or her goals more effectively. I' ve found through various lectures and workshop I have given to scientists that it is not hard to give these instructions.

Guidelines for Book Proposals | The Postings of Tomorrow's Professors

Anyone considering authoring a book for an academic public should be interested in the article below. Insight and strategies for academics and experts, by Elizabeth Rankin, JOSSEY-BASS[] A Wiley Company San Francisco Copyr? Jossey Bass is a register mark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. A good book schedule usually contains the following information that Jossey-Bass believes is vital when assessing a publishing project:

What are they writing the book for? What is the need for help on this issue at this moment? What is the issue of growing rather than temporary or decreasing importance? How does the book work? How would the book complement the latest know-how and practical experience? Relatives and competing books:

Indicate the name of the writer, book titles and editor of the most important related and competitive titles; describe why they are not sufficient to cover the needs you have determined; and tell us how your book would differ or be better. Audience foreseen. Describe the audience, whether it is the prime, second and other, in terms of disciplines, institutions and positions or titles.

So what would the book help the audience to do, understanding, improving, performing and so on? Differentiate between the benefit for the practical audience and the benefit for the academic audience - or whatever the difference makes the most sense. Jossey basses are sold to individuals and graduates and are often used as textbook materials in academic, business and administrative work.

When using such books, please describe the levels, degrees and mean enrolment of the classes for which it would be appropriate; the type and estimated number of institutes offering such classes; and competitive schoolbooks. Alternate track options. Please suggest several alternate tracks in addition to your working name.

Our aim is to create publications that clearly convey the subject, aim and use of a book. Which is the research or empirical basis for the information in the book? Describe briefly any specific study or work that may be of relevance to this book. Which timetable is planned for the preparation of example sections (if not already included), the entire drafts and the revision of the work?

Example chapter. Don't delay until the script is ready to hand in the map. Instead, present the schedule with two or three example sections. In case you wish to receive a response before preparing the samples, please sent the schedule without them and we will provide an early response. Please include a prepaid and address label led with your application if you would like us to mail it back to you.

From other publishing houses. Have the manuscripts been sent to other publishing houses for review? Please be aware that Jossey-Bass does not object to you letting other publishing houses know that we are considering the scheme.

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