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On your life

This is a web community for living on your cancer or chronic health trip. My thought is no use, your thought. Ideas should be based on something concrete, especially when it comes to talking about life. We have so many experiences in our journey through life. How about life in your country?


With our handy thought aids, you can take a clear and concise decision about your life. You can help if your life gets out of balance, in a state of emergency or out of hand. A lot of have used them to take their life in a period of disease or great changes. There are two ways to use our think tanks.

We have chosen one of our trips, where we have identified the thought processes that other human beings find useful, such as life with crustaceans or reflecting on the end of their lives. Some may want to select personal thought aids that are appropriate to the moment.

Whatever you use our think tanks, you will find a lot of help at every stage. Register for an affiliate program today - it only needs a few minutes and you can use the tool immediately.

Why are you writing your life story?

What are you writing your life story for? In the 1920s, my mom gave me a copy of our pedigree, dating back to 1648, when my French forefathers came to live in an area called Acadie, now Nova Scotia. About twenty years later I came across the yellowing leaves, which were kept together by a rusted stitch.

As I looked at the name and traced the way back to my own name, I craved to learn more about the individuals whose babies, marriages surfaced, and die. Unfortunately, all those who had parts of our history were long gone at that age. Ever since, I have put a lot of energy and efforts into help others prevent my mistakes and help them preserve their histories for themselves and their loved ones.

I have helped literacy writers, co-authors, editors and teachers create a literary heritage for their kids, grandkids, great-grandchildren and future generation through the use of memoir writings on our ghostwriters. In addition to an M.A. in Creation from the University of Central Florida and a B.A. in journalism from Louisiana State University, I have worked as a memoir writer, author ing trainer, writer, teacher, reporter and photojournalist.

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