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Being a writer

This is where she talks about her favorite things about writing full time. Irrespective of who you listen to, it is important to know which advice is not true. There are seven lies about becoming a writer that you probably believe. Are you boasting about being a writer, or are you using it to impress the opposite sex? Careers in writing including copywriting, screenwriting, technical writing & more.

Five best things about being a writer

when I was in my mid-forties. This is the right moment for everything and all of a sudden, without much forewarning, I had the desire to do it. This is not the only good thing; here are the five other things I like to write:

Publishing houses, bookshops, blogs, readers and above all other authors make this task very unique. I can' t fall asleep without at least read a few pages of a work. Now, I get new, freshly printed works every wk, often before they are out. It' such a pleasure to hear the beat of a textbook through my mailbox.

Pete, our country mailman, is naturally less so. Browse a bookcase either in a bookstore or a bookstore and feel the excitement of seeing my works alongside those of other authors never grows old. Can' t get through my neighborhood without creeping in to see if my book's there or on borrow.

I came to my home base this weekend and found six of my tracks between a Melvyn Bragg and a Carys Bray. There was a great tendency to knock on the arms of the next buyer and tell him that I had written these volumes. After all, I like the fact that I can call someone, tell them that I'm going to write a textbook on a topic they know something about and ask if I can look around their shop.

To a large extent, typing is a lonely activity that is afflicted with self-doubt. I get a lot of good reviews from those who liked my work. Occasionally my readership tells me how much they relate to an action or how my book has made them read again.

I even had a woman tell me that she took lessons in Italy after she had read the'carpe diem' tale in White Lies and Wishes.

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