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You can download and easily edit 5 book cover templates. For InDesign CS5, choose one of the following free book cover templates. Gain a head start with one of our cover templates:. Photoshop and Apple Pages cover (+free template download!) http://bit.

ly/1QbRkiH. Step-by-step instructions for creating your book template.

To make a book cover

This easy-to-understand guide teaches you how to make a complete paper back cover in Adobe InDesign and take a template with you for other cover work. For example, we will be redesigning a War & Peace pocket cover and giving it an unmistakably contemporary look. Here are a few top hints for the creation of book cover art in Adobe InDesign before we start working on the cover art for War & Peace:

It is always best to make the front of your cover first before creating a complete cover with back and dors. Copy the cover page and keep the source as a stand-alone cover image - useful for on-line promotion recordings and eBook artwork. Use the side-tool to extend the double page to the full width of the cover, which includes the width of the front and back cover and a back width (see below for more details).

I tried to replicate the atmosphere and subject of the book with collage-like skylines of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow - one with a picture of porcelain with flowers to symbolize tranquillity and homeliness; the other with a card in Prussian army look to symbolize it. The redesign of classical novel cover art is becoming more and more popular in publisher designs and enables editors to promote oldtimers to a new, younger audience.

Here are some of the best samples of re-designed artwork. You' ll be taught how to setup a paper back or soft cover of the full cover in Adobe InDesign and how to use Adobe Illustrator to generate a collateral effect. We' re also bringing in a little classy typeface to give the cover a contemporary look.

It can be customized for all types of book jacket - just change the shape and the interior! Launch Adobe InDesign. Select File > New > Print from the File menu and select Print. Rename the user-defined Paperback Book format and change the width to 132 mm and the height to 197 mm.

Select Append and click OK to go back to the New Documents dialog. Press OK to generate the new one. We are working on the front cover on page 1 - it is always much simpler to work initially only on the front cover as well. Then a little later, we will extend page 2 of the paper into the full cover, with the page tool, completely with back and sides.

Extend or open the "Patterns" window (Window > Color > Patterns). Generate a new CMYK process pattern, C = 100 M = 97 Y = 48 K = 56. Select "New Gradients" from the drop-down list of the "Gradients" control area. Rename the pattern Blue Gradient and change the pattern to Radial. Go down to the gradient ramp and click the lefthand stop to work with.

Select CMYK for the Stop Color and change the level to C=89 M=49 Y=62 K=62. Right-click the stop and select the stop color to Pattern. Select your new pattern, c = 100 m = 97 y = 48 k = 56 from the table below. Use the blue gradient box to fill the rectangular form.

In this way the backgrounds of our front cover are provided with a fine colour gradation. Extend or open the Layers window (Window > Layers) and double-click the standard name of Level 1. Change the name of the level to Color and click OK. In the Layers window, click the Generate New Layers icon at the bottom right to generate a new one.

doubleclick and re-name the level to Graphic. Click in the empty field to the right of the eyebutton next to the name of the bottom level in the control bar. Choose InDesign > InDesign > Saving as InDesign and minimizing InDesign. Start Adobe Illustrator and generate a new one.

In order to design our collaged type church, we must first make a fundamental vectorsilhouette of the church, and then, a little later, we will fill it with a phot. Make sure your outline has only a single solid filling and no line colour, choose it, and then go to Edit > Copy to Illustrator.

Go back to your InDesign file and insert the vectors on page 1 of your work. To remove the fill[Black], change the fill color of the color field to[None] in the "Color Fields" area (Window > Color > Color Fields). Upload the picture and go back to your InDesign file.

To enlarge the picture to the border, click the Fill border proportionally in the upper area. Make a new CMYK process pattern, C=3 M=0 Y=19 K=0, and name it Cream. Unblock the typography level and use the Type tool (T) to generate a set of text boxes on page 1.

I used Columna Solid for most of the text, with the middle and sign in Adobe Caslon Pro. Place a part of the text in[Paper] and a part in your new color area, Cream. Unblock all levels in the layer pane, then dragging over page 1 to choose everything on the page.

Select Modify > Copy, then move down to page 2 of your work. To make a copy of the front cover on the page, choose Cut > Insert. Now, we need to calculate the width of the entire length of the lid. It depends on the width of the book back, which in turn depends on the number of pages in the book.

For the entire width of the cover, the formula is: At the end, remove a third slide to 68.5 mm to highlight the centre of the rear cover. Go back to the background color level and block all but one. In the Color Fields area, click the blue gradient field to choose it, and then click the New Color Fields to copy it.

To open the window entitled Options, double-click the pattern. Name the pattern Blue Gradient Sine. Hold everything as it is, simply move the right stop on the gradient ramp to the lefthand side until you achieve about 46%. Using the rectangle utility (M), generate a form that spans the back and up to the top and bottom trim allowances (73.7 mm wide).

Adjust the fill color to Blue-Grain-Spin. In this case the slope is somewhat narrower, so that the brighter sound is not too far away from the centre part of the vertebra. Use the Rectangle tool (M) to make a second form that extends over the entire back, to the lefthand side of the book back and to the trim at the top, bottom and L. The form can be used to make a second one.

Adjust the fill to gradient color blu. In the Layers window, return to the Layers window and block the Background Color level. Unlocking the next level, Graphics. On the front cover, on the back cover, copy and past the vocals of the church and place them as shown below. Add also some visors on the back - here I took out the picture fill and gave them a light bluish color fill, C=57 M=12 Y=21 K=0. Turn off the graphic plane and unlatch the topmost plane, typography.

Zoome to the back and make a few lines of text boxes with the Model Tool (T). Enter the heading, with one text box allowed for each line of the heading, and imitate the typographic format used on the front cover, but with a smaller font size. With the ellipse tool (L), press and holding the Shift key to make a circular shape in the middle of the rear cover.

Apply a cover text to the back cover by centering the text. Pt 5, 13 Pt 13 Lead Use the previously generated pattern colours to give the typeface a hint of colour. Your paper back cover art is done, great work! You can also of course choose to have page 1 of your documents exported as an eBook cover (check the eBook Store's data formats before you post it), but here I will guide you through the process of exported as a print-ready data set that is appropriate for delivery to a commercial bookmaker.

Select Adobe PDF (Print) from the Format drop-down list. Select [Print Quality] from the PDF Preset drop-down list in the Exports PDF file dialog box, and change the page area from All to Area: 2 just to exported your entire cover. Verify all printer markings and use the document trimming settings under Trimming and Snail.

To make your print-ready cover, click OK. You' ll learn how to modernize a classical book and how to make the complete paper back cover in Adobe InDesign. Would you like a free paper back cover InDesign template? You can find it on our templates page. Are you looking for inspirational book designs?

Visit our inspiration page to leaf through our wonderful book art and find great book typographic inspiration.

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