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An author is

It does not see the world as a place made up of things, but of words about these things. An author is someone whose work has been published. Or in other words, a writer is an author. It' not the same as the dreaded disease we call'writer's block. It is more of a "submission block" and I know many excellent authors who suffer from it.

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So what's a novelist? "Obviously I'm not a true writer..." Being a teacher of MFA programmes, in my church and at meetings all over the countryside, I keep hearing people's ideas. There are only three of innumerable explanations why prospective writers dismiss themselves as "real writers" while working on their very realistic poetry and story.

So what's a novelist? Well, a novelist is someone who wrote. Authors are also often defamed, or rather slandered, by stereotypes: e.g. the enemy of man or the drunken man. Someone whose work has been released is a novelist. Or in other words, a novelist is an actor. Here I say "misrepresentation" because we cannot fully rely on the literature community as to who among us is really who.

Not so long ago it was the publishers who rejected the votes of the ladies and the coloured. So what's a novelist? I' d say if authors have something in Common, then it is that we have two OSs working simultaneously: one is active in every context in which we find ourselves, the other processes at the same moment whether this expertise is translated into potentially useful materials for our work.

Yes, we are sorry, but, wow, this mix-up in the clinic would be a great storyline for section six! To a certain extent, this double treatment means that authors are not only those who type, but those who always type, even if we are not near a computer or cannot find a stylus in our wallets.

Yet I kept struggling with a definite response to the issue of what makes a novelist until one revelation came one time. Group members gave a lady I was going to name Winnie back because I didn't like that name, and I didn't mind how she always sketched in her notepad during lessons and probably created cartoons of the others while we were discussing the tales on the desk.

Many authors become reluctant when they hear critics of their work. Occasionally my first stimulus in the face of adverse reactions is to get angry at the readers, because the individual is obviously unaware, even if he is right. Winnie, on the other side, only became more protective as the grade went on, which made me think I was more protective than the teacher.

Usually I am good at working with authors with delicate ego (you have to know one), but not in this case if the individual is a draughtsman. I could see Winnie's cartoon of me in my mind's eye as a blistering blond with evil horns and teeth.

When my grade ended and Winnie, still obviously angry, walked past me to walk by, I thought to myself something I would hardly ever think: You'll never be a novelist. The only way to tackle the subject of "What is a writer" is a bad definition. What is a good one? So what's a novelist? However, what you can see is what a novelist is not.

In a similar way to a medical diagnose of marginalisation - that is, to identify something by the fact that it is not something else - I have noticed that this is also the most dependable way to establish who is a real author and whether we are qualified. In this sense, I have come up with a characterization chart - a brief one, as it turns out - that gives a negative definition of a character.

When you find that you are not one of those things, you can be sure that you are not. They may be unreleased, you can fight to gain skill, others can discounted your vote, your style, your aspirations, but if you suppose you are a literate, if you maintain this track in your mind and in your hearts, good things will come true.

If you are not distracted by an ID crises, you will be more committed to doing what Realriters do, that is, you think you have something to say, and then find a way to talk about it on the site. I mean, you know you're not a real writer when....... Authors want their works to be powerful, communicative, engaging and entertaining, mean something to others other than themselves.

When you can't overcome your insecurities or your egos to listen to where your typing needs to be improved, put it in a journal and keep your thoughts to yourself. To write is to rewrite. When you' re not ready to revise or improve your work, you' re only half a novelist and not necessarily the better half.

There is no way of separating typing from swearing. There was a gifted word creator I knew who could have been a novelist if it hadn't been for her ex-husband. Essay writers have agenda - that's a good part of why we type to divide our truth. "I thought to myself, "But he's such an asshole," but only a novelist can make me believe it.

I don't think you want to be a novelist. I have been told by this lesson that there will always be a few day, a week, a month, even a year in your lifetime if you don't write, but these are only great when you' re not a novelist. I' m glad I thought when Winnie was packing at the end of the course.

You' re never gonna be a novelist. I was really in pain to think this about her; about anyone who is clearly interested in her. In the following weeks Winnie, as expected, did not come to school. But Winnie and all those sketch-like guys like her can give us an important lesson: If a teacher of typing, even if he's so frightening about devils horn and teeth, thinks that you'll never be a novelist, then it's not necessarily so.

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