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An author is

Here's what the Oxford Dictionary says: A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than for others. So what's a writer? So what is a writer? Back to the start of your writing career - print/mobile-friendly version You want to type, but you don't. It' not the same as the feared disease we call'writer's death syndrome'.

"It' more of a "Submitter's Block", and I know many outstanding authors who do. An author must achieve a certain level of competency before he can begin to challenge that competency.

" Virtually every writer, from beginner to mature author, is plagued by the issue of "Am I good enough? It is particularly hard for newcomers to find the issue because they have less "external information" to which they can provide an explanation. But if that were the issue, the "Submitter Block" would never concern writer who have a relatively high self-esteem - and it does.

" If you say the words "I want to be a writer", you have an automatic picture of what a writer is. One" sees" a writer as an eager to learn, professoral guy who pecks at a keypad in a room full of textbooks; another can" see" a well-groomed, self-confident writer who presents himself in a big talkshow.

Regardless of what we "see" when we think of a "real" writer, the trouble is that we all too often don't see each other. When your inner "portrait of a writer" does not correspond to what you see in the reflection, you question your capacity to "become" what you as a writer envision.

These concerns are often fuelled by interviewing accomplished authors whose working practices, experience and, indeed, personality, have little in common with our own. Meanwhile, I hope you have put aside the idea that a "real writer" is getting money from a barrow. However, what about some other things that have made us believe about true, prosperous and well-known authors?

1 ) Genuine authors are organised. "An organised author, we think, would have placed a project in clear files, labelled and cross-referenced, with diagrams to follow the work in Proceed. It would not look like ours, with paper and files and notes from our last telephone conversation scattered all over the place, scribbled on a slice of spam email.

Irrespective of how chaotic your desktop is, there is a very succesful writer somewhere whose workspace looks much poorer than yours. 2 ) Genuine authors are learnt. Most of us appreciate the picture of the erudite writer, cocaine bottles on an ink stained nostril, encircled by bookshelves and bookshelves.

Actually, many very succesful (and very well paid) writers have never finished high school. So, no worries about whether you have taken the right "courses" to become a winning writer; no matter how little formality of education you had, you will be able to find a great writer who had less.

3 ) True authors have had many courageous, intensive and life-changing adventures. Not every author has been in the bullfight arena or wrestling with marmalade on the high sea. A writer must not be allowed to endure any kind of drama, bereavement, depression, refusal (without a letter of rejection) or similar "life lessons" in order to be able to describe what it is like to be a writer.

Whatever your "condition" may be, you will find something in your own experiences that vibrates with others. 4 ) Genuine authors are not like other human beings. Sometimes this legend is a disinfected way of saying that true authors are a little bit mad or get their best inspiration from controled materials. One good way to dissipate the second part of this legend is just to do something when you're intoxicated, and to just do it when you're on your toes.

By the way, "real" authors are just like other people: But this legend also has a core of truth: Authors are not like all others. For the insecurity of typing, how many would give up a full-time position and compensated holidays? But, like many great authors who have made the same decisions.

5) Genuine authors are optimistic. However, if you are prevented from submitting this novel to a publishers because you cannot picture yourself at Oprah, please feel free to buy some of them. Meanwhile, you may find that you have what it took to have a brief conversation with your community writers' association, to hold an authors' chats, or to take an invite to a meeting.

Before you know it, when Oprah calls, you will be ready to think about it - because you have found that fidgets are not deadly and that you really have something to say, even if you (like many "real" authors) have to take a pepto -bismol before you can say it!

6) Genuine authors are encouraged. Doing so is certainly a signal that the letter is not important enough for you to make it your top level one. One of the most important things to remember is that most individuals have several different personalities. The easy reality is that most individuals have several different personalities, and the letter is very often not the first one. Chances are, you're not going to separate your husband or put your kids in foster families (however both may seem appealing) just to get more writeing--or give up your job and get out of trash containers while killing your first novel.

On the other side, succesful authors are just people who have learnt how to integrate the writer into the complicated act of balance in their lives. 7 ) Genuine authors type every single pen. You' ve been reading that council in every journal, so it must be the truth, right? Genuine authors either devote a certain number of lessons per days to typing, or they do not stop until they have finished a certain number of pages.

When you don't type every single pen, your sphincter becomes "limp". When you don't type today, it will be more difficult to type the next morning and almost not possible the next will be. People with normal daily work do not "work" every single working days, nor do authors. In fact, if we don't take the leisure to unwind, freshen up, run around and interfere with the outside worlds of our keyboard, we will probably loose our capacity to stay "fresh" as authors - not to speak of the fact that we won't find much to type with!

This does not mean that a periodic typing plan is not important; it is. When you try to type every single working days just because you think you have to, the letter soon becomes a cheerless task, without enthusiasm or invention. Of course, there are true authors who writ every single penny, true authors with several intermediate diplomas, true authors whose fiction comes from the agony of their lives, and true authors who would not even sense the least twist of butterflies when they thought they were guests at Oprah.

So next contemplation of what a "real" writer looks like, don't take a penmask. Click HERE for more information on reprints of Moira Allen products.

In Maryland she is living with her wife and the author. © 2018 by Moira Allen.

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