A small Story in English

An English-language story

These very short stories for children are collected and presented here for your information. He was upset because he did badly on his English test. Ratio of compulsory and optional part. Goals, goals, content and evaluation of the short story. High English short stories learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers.

British Tales

There were once six men who were blinds in a far-away town. On the first dawn of the year, when the waking soil puts on its greens and the hot, scented breath fan our faces and fill our mouths and even seems to invade our heart, we feel a hazy, indeterminate nostalgia for liberty, for luck, the wish to walk, to walk without aim, to breath in the springs.

After a harsh past winters, this early buzz in May was as if there was an abundant juice source. When I woke up one mornin' I saw out my windows the bright sunlit skies over the townhouses. Everyone I saw seemed to smile; a hint of luck seemed to permeate everything in the soft glow of the returningspring.

It could almost have been said that a breath of affection blew through the town and the vision of the young ladies I saw on the street in their dawn lavatories, in whose view a concealed affection was hiding, and who left with lazy mercy, was arousing.

Acram was seated under a forest on the meadow near the camp. Akram used to enjoy making them into different forms every night: Did he even speak English? At the end I stared at my telephone in desperation and tried to give him a clear indication that I wanted to be alone with my thoughts.

Nazir sat in the park starting that mornings. Gazing at the blossoming blossoms, they were a welcome symbol of the magic of jump. The colourful and intoxicating scented blossoms enticed all the little beings who had found their home in the bushes, plants, grasses and plants.

Some of these animals were moths, all with colorful feathers flying between the plants, trying to surpass themselves with their air aerobatics. His fascination with the attractions and scents of the gardens had always been a reminder of the past, where there seemed to be a sense of tranquillity, affection and wellbeing.

The colorful butterfly paws were particularly attractive to him, and from occasion to occasion he actually tried to capture one, but he never managed, they were just too quick and too manoeuvrable.

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