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So what do you have to do differently than any other story? I' m writing as I go, a good way to get oxygen and inspiration. Fiction and short stories FAQs. Selling your blogging book These days, the lion's share of marketing your newly published books falls to you - the author! Writers of Irish short stories such as Samuel Beckett, Frank O'Connor, William Trevor and Anne Enright have contributed great stories to Irish literature.

Writers Salley Vickers interviews the storyteller

You are a author and screenwriter. Why is this type of storyline so attractive to you as an author? I' m comparing a novel with a couple and a brief history with an amour. The novel takes devotion, work, often going through harsh, inscrutable patching, while a brief history allows impulses, risks and experiments to alter the sound or temper.

It is possible to loose your mind in a novel in a way that is more difficult. I have written many of my shorts in the spaces between the novel, so they are sometimes an outburst. "As I say in my first novel, Miss Garnet's Angel, most of my works have something about dying and how we see and deal with it in this world.

It' partly devoted to a very dear girlfriend, Frahlingin Deborah Rogers, who passed away when I wrote some of the tales. Which were the stakes in the process of typing? Would you describe your way of typing to someone who hasn't yet finished reading your work? I write quite sparingly, often ironically and often described as "elegant" (although I'm not quite sure why, as I also have a pretty heavy burden in my writing).

I' m a psychologist (as it' s proper for my past as a psychoanalyst) and there is often a slightly mystic burden, not too much, but a weak mind for other world. What was your greatest influence on another author's brief and why? What do you recommend to those writing shorts that may not have been released yet?

I am against advices on the whole. Which or what caused you to begin with? When I was little, I thought that one of these days I would read, because it was and always is what I do best. So where do you find the inspirations for your tales? Do you have any moves to make the font flow?

So what does it mean to you to be a novelist? It is a great prerogative to be a novelist whose work makes readers want to see. The thing that touches me most is when I listen to those who say: "That's how I felt", or that they felt that my book understands them.

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