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"James Scott Bell's How to Write Short Stories and Use Them to Further Your Writing Career" is easy to read and understand, especially if you already know how a novel is structured. Pages in category "Short story writer". H.H. Munro, better known as short story writer Saki, is born in Burma on this day.

Once I was a short story writer. And I know that because I was respected by my colleagues, but not at all popular.

You will be inspired by 10 modern authors.

Are you the ten greatest novelists of the 21st and 21st centuries? But we will limit ourselves to ten, because we are also interested in your input: Which authors have inspired you since the big year 2000? Our number one: this Irishman has two exceptional compilations, There are Little Kingdoms (2007) and Dark Lies the Island (2012): hilariously funny, moving, weird, scary and above all original.

You want a sample cloth, try to find his story'Bierreise nach Llandudno' - if you've ever seen a better mid-age man friend history, we'll buy you a fortnight. Hall, a fairly productive author, has only released one set of tales so far, The Beautiful Indifference (2011), but, man, it'll knock you down.... she's the best author about the north of England that we' ve ever met, and her tales are tremendously sensitive: they grab a big hit whether she's talking about dilapidating relations, impending extinction or the romance of a teenager with a dog and equine breeder group.

She was nominated for the BBC National Short Story Award in 2010 and won the main award in 2013 with another piece of jewelry, "Mrs. Fox". Sauder's first compilation, CivilWarLand In Bad Decline, was published in 1996, but the remainder of his work was done in this hundredth year, so we will pardon his early dives.

Despite the popular belief that the book's last train of events, December 10th was nominated for the 2014 Folio Prize and voted one of the ten best titles of 2013 by the New York Times Book Review publishers, and he succeeded in reaching second place on the New York Times bestselling lists.

What is our favorite tale? Tower has so far only published a novel entitled Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned (2009), which has earned him a fame as one of the best young talents in the country of shorts. It' s fun and hard and varied; it's great for today's America and it's also a fairly good example of how a author can turn a range of inspirations (Hemingway, for example, can be seen here) into something truly new.

Watch'On The Show' as a compilation - it plays at a fair and who doesn't like it? Egans first line, Emerald City, was released in 1993, but it is her second, A Visit from the Goon Squad (2010, Pulitzer Prize winner), which won her all the awards. Rather a shorter series of stories than a compilation, this one of networked stories follows a group of individuals who have been closely linked to the US musical industries from the mid-twentieth to the near-away; it's about history and remembrance and how we can comprehend how our life has influenced us.

Our second story,'The Gold Cure', is one of our favorites, but take a look at'Great Rock and Roll Pauses' if you want to tell a brief history completely in PowerPoint. Link has histories in manuscripts all over the world, but take a look at Stranger Things Happen (2o01), Magic for Beginners (2006) and Pretty Monsters (2008) to get the full effect.

She is generally considered a fanciful or shadow author, but her work is truly cross-genre - in fact, she is one of those authors who makes the whole concept of the gender seem nothing more than a ridiculous youthful brand. Their tales are mad and magic and devastating and funny - they are modern and ageless, blending urbane realisticism with a mad fairy-tale hornet-esthetics.

Magic for Beginners' cover is great, but also the zoomie story'The Hortlak', which she makes available here as a compilation. Featuring two collection - A Thousand Years of Good Prayers (2005) and Gold Boy, Emerald Girl (2010) - under her belts, the first of which won the Frank O'Connor International Short story award and the second nominated for the same award, not to speak of her receiving a MacArthur Fellowship (aka, the Genius Grant), it is certain to say that Yiyun Li should be on all our radar.

The U.S.-based China novelist wrote brilliant and elegantly about contemporary China: "We are recommending the opening of the second line - it is long but outstanding. Ceallaigh Ó was a British-Bucharest native of Ireland and has two collections:

One could reasonably say that he is writing more about men than he is about wives, and his tales are seldom based in his home country of Ireland. He is the publisher of a number of shorts and writers, and as an exponent of shape he once said to a reporter for the Hot Press in Ireland: "If you have something to say and you can say it for less, that's the way to go.

We' re in.... Check out'Walking Away', a selection by Anne Enright for the Granta Book of the Irish Short Story (2012). Keegan's first line, Antarctica, appeared in 1999, only on the threshold of the millenium, but it was her second, The Blue Fields (2007) that made everyone smile.

Keegan's has won almost every award offered by Icelandic literary circles, and some of them twice; she has written about Icelandic countryside with a certain gentleness and sympathy that make this ancient land re-fertile. Last, but not least, Adam Marek, creator of two compilations (Instruction Manual For Swallowing (2007) and The Stone Thrower (2012)), is definitely an advancing novelist.

It makes sci-fi, spooky stuff, real parent-child stuff and more - bizarre, yes, fantastic, yes, but disposable, never. Marek' s histories. Fewer Things" is nominated for the 2010 Sunday Times EFG Short story prize, and that's a good place to begin if you like your rendition less complicated - take a look at Tamagotchi" if you want something more fancy.

So if you have any suggestions that could make even the toughest guys who hate shorts to fell madly in love, please let us know below. He is the creator of the SPELLBOUND: History of Women's Magic over Men anthology. His award-winning novel has been broadcasted on BBC television and has appeared in tens of journals and manuscripts around the world.

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