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This is a short story about

It is perfect for high school or middle school students, or for those who enjoy reading. You can order at tomboivin@gmail.com A short history. Joe Blow was a funny man, always in a good mood. As an accountant, he was employed by the oil company.

This is a short history of falling.

LIBRIARIES are NOT boring: a brief history for #NLD14

On the occasion of National Library Day 2014, we have launched a sociomedia initiative to address some of the most prevalent misunderstandings about them. Writers, readers and members of the general population were asked to submit photographs, poetry or brief histories showing that a library is NOT dull, obsolete, old-fashioned, tranquil or costly.

It was Coral who sent us this brief history about a book-keeper who shows a young man that books are definitely not insipid. So, you think a library's a bore? "So, you find a library boring?" inquired the book-keeper, gazing into her spectacles at the end of her nostrils. answered the unkempt pupil who stood in front of her.

Before she went to a bookcase on the other side of the room, the book-keeper said she called on the young lady to do so. She scornfully looked at the shelves and pleated her hands. She followed her fingers along the children's book; "Pony Academy"; "Shiela and the Magical Unicorns"; "Rachelina, the Flowers Fairy"..... "Cars"; "Fast Simone"; "Planes"; "Trevor Tractor"; "Spaceman"; "Mr Man".....

The student noticed under her breathing. He drew out a volume under the heading "The Fairy of the Tooth" or at least that is only what one could think; the "tooth" part had been strongly scratched over with chalk in many different coats. That pupil seemed appalled. Bibliothèque giggled. The student seemed a little confused.

She stretched out her arms and pushed on the small rectangular part of the screen that was behind the place where the notebook was supposed to stand, and then began to pull on the shelve. She was even more confused. All of a sudden the bookkeeper said. Jumping, the little woman began to pull weakly on the shelve. Bookshelves were almost vertical to the walls and the naked colour seemed empty without the ledgers topping them.

to the schoolgirl's astonishment. Only her gaze was standing after about 30 seconds, she chose to pursue her. That was probably when she chose never to work late again, because the first thing she saw when she came in was a young woman going neatly through a mural.

And the pupil stood still, she gawped. Cause she was in the biggest room she'd ever seen, and every side was covered in cobwebs! were not the desktops or the textbooks or even the greatness of everything, but the sounds! Laughed the book-keeper, appeared before her, although the look on her face showed everything.

Joining our initiative to clear up general misunderstandings about a library.

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