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The TSS is currently open for general short stories. A video created by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for the course "The American South: His stories, music and art". He' also heard stories about very rich countries in the East. This was India and China.

So how long is a short story? Also other FAQ' s

Tales come in all forms and dimensions. So how long is a short story? So what's a short story? Any fictional story is a short story told in a few words. Shorts have a tendency to concentrate on a simple story, although there are many that successfully combine more than one.

Shorts have a tendency to concentrate on fewer personalities and follows them on a short bow than a novel, while others are made up of several personalities with complex bows. Or in other words....short story tends to obey the laws of short story, unless they don't. So what are some of the most popular short storytelling?

So how long is a short story? Exact number of words definition varies, but as a general principle, a short story comprises everything up to 7,500 words (sometimes 10,000), with higher numbers of words, usually referred to as short novel nouns, and short novel nouns, commonly referred to as short novel nouns. There is another break-down within short histories to help defining short story as microflash and superflash.

So how long does it take? The fictional memory is under 1000 words (occasionally the number of words is as high as 1200 or even 1500, and sometimes it is as low as 750). You can find some samples of our Flash-Fiction online: A few samples of Microsoft Excel can be found online:

So how long is a short story? Shorts vary from lower numbers of 1000 or 1500 words to about 7,500 words or sometimes up to 10,000 words. Most short story-telling falls under this general term and can contain flashing and even micro-flash. You can find some short story samples online:

Novelles are longer short storys, usually between 7,500 words and 17,500 to 20,000 words or up to about 100 pages. Sometimes these tales are more like a short story and sometimes more like a novel. A few samples of novellas: Novelles are short fiction, from 17,500 or 20,000 words, usually up to about 40,000 words or about 100-200 pages.

A few samples of novellas: Notice: I have recorded some short fiction, often referred to as short novel. Which are some good short story compilations? Do you need more short story?

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