A Short Story Based on your Personal Experience

This is a short story based on your personal experience

This is a short story based on your personal experience. Little coffee grains all over my face and my hair filled with sticky toothpaste. This is a short story based on your personal experience. SSC exams, Shiv Murat to a word substitute for SSC exams. It' an experience that has shaped my life through body, mind and soul.

Reports of personal experience - Study circle

It was a challenge to select a subject that we knew well, a trait that is important for personal communication..... The one of these themes that we all know well is education..... In the course of the years there have been many fictitious classroom tales, mostly based on the author's own schooldays? Famous 19th c. authors such as Charles Dickens and Charlotte Bronte showcase their works at secondary and secondary level.....

One of the most popular classroom tales of all times appeared in 1857:. Thomas Hughes in this novel writes about things that play a key role in most of today's classroom stories: bullying at schools, anger with schoolteachers, sports and adventures..... Pupils from Darwin Middleschule, Darwin, Australia; Berwick Academy, South Berwick, Maine, USA; and pupils from the International School of Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania have put together these personal histories....

A new experience is always good, you always learnt from your own errors. You have a different first days at and around your home. It was different when I started going to college because I never went to college and had no clue what to look forward to.

The rattle of the motor came to a stop after ten to fifteen mins. Sitting down with the other kids, I was listening to our schoolteacher talking about how funny the whole thing would be. It was a story from a ridiculous big volume she told the students and let us toy with the game.

First I was uncertain about preschool, but I soon came to get myself dressed as soon as possible to have more playing with my mates. It was my first few schooldays and some of the best of my whole Iife. Keep playing me in your mind.

It puts half a dimple in your face? Pupils are awaiting the last ring of the doorbell this year. To me it was the last tone of this academy for years. I had 700 pupils. The last of the days of schooling I never had the feeling that there would be no next day's schooling.

Then she says just because it's your last night. I' m a little scared. or just divide the quiet when we see the crowd coming by. the way I want to. Even if it doesn't seem so beautiful. Who'll be a human without you. Go home, again.

Last schoolweek, last year, my grade, year 6 Collister, had a lot of family. No work and we just had a great quality of our last weeks of schooling. Halfway through the last weeks of last year's last year, all six had their elementary schools final dinner/disco.

I had all my mates, my schoolmates and my schoolteachers. First everyone was scared to jump, but at the end of the day we all danced and had a great tim.

I' m Sexy and I Know It" was the track everyone liked to sing, because everyone knew the dancing movements and we all had a great ball. I' ve just had icecream because I' m not really a Pavlovian character, but other folks said it was delectable. On Thursday we had the whole meeting of our group.

I' ve won the Literacy Awards for my grade and the Australia Day Citizen of the Year Awards for my college. Altogether, my last weeks in the elementary college called aiot of fun. "Someone shouted when my mate Mitchell was hitting a big time while we were cricketing in the Stuart Park Elementary High."

After Mitchell and me went out with the nursing staff, I expected to play with my buddies before noon. With a few more races, I begin to get personal best results and begin to gain the races. I feel better and better over the years. Finally it's finally the 50-yard-butterflytime.

Civilian says, "Take your mark," and the runner starts. To go to America for a months.... I know it seems like a really long period, but when you get there, everything is moving so swift. And I know that I have spoken a great deal about this occasion with my school mates and family. This was the second year I left the land, and I was only ten.

I got on the aircraft with my older brother and I was very, very excited because it was the first flight in my world. For the next few get-togethers, we went to college. I knew then that I would never have a problem to move to another college.

I wasn't so sleepy this trip, so I could look out the windows at the sea and the cloud. Ruxandra, 6th grade, International Language Training Center of Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. When I think back, the tales we had in our heads are almost incomprehensible to me! In elementary there was a forested fence on the northeast side of the ovals, and we made cubbie's with leafs, twigs and palms.

Well, of course we knew they were gffiti, but no, no, no, no, that was too dull for a few people. So the break became the "puzzle solution number one", luncheon the "puzzle solution number two", and unfortunately we didn't give away anything interesting most of the while.

I' m going to remind you of the story of the last break we had in the woods, where the good guys and the evil guys got together for a very special one. "is a dumb man named Bob! From Thomas Darwin Middle School, Darwin, Australia. It' s the beginning of the league match.

In the first third, it'?s over. The coach speaks to our squad and says that we have been playing tough, but we have to be tougher. We' ve been playing tough for the remainder of the match and scoring another one. We' re throwing the jerk into the attacking area just to be sure, but the other side ran up the rink with the jerk and quickly made it.

It was disappointing, but the match wasn't over. On this occasion we are skating the jerk behind her gate and begin to overtake the jerk. We' re running out of work. I' m hit! I think we broke off the match at the last second. There was pride in my crew! So we got back into the match and finally went into extra innings.

So I went to the area, I was embarrassed, but I was cheering for my squad and helping them to stop the work. No-one score, so the match turns into a shooting. We were unbeaten before the competition, so we were thrilled! As our squad fired first, we had to take first place again for round 5.

and we knew that our goalkeeper had to rescue the jerk so we could beat him. We hadn' t won the competition in a few years, so this victory means a great deal to us. As the other side could not make points on the last kick, we all sprint on the snow, throw our poles, mittens and helmet onto the snow and jump on our goalkeeper!

So we took a photo of the whole crew, then we got off the ices and went back to the dressing room to enjoy the festivities! We all got biscuits and muffins after the match and went to a bash. So we went home and went back to the training the next morning just to have another small teamparty.

The performance of our side was very important to me because it was my first year with the side and because we came back many a time during the event. If you' re small, shows at schools are the greatest of the year. This was a nice and warm sommersday and also the last schoolday, so we thought we should have some laughs.

We' d arranged a little theatre piece and a show for the parents: It was a very interesting last fourth gradereday. I went to the classroom when I came to go to college and we had a great breakfasts with Panera beetles ( "my favorite"), warm chocolates and donuts.

I thought it was really great because we never had anything like this at my old class. Instructors had forbidden this play because of the screaming and excessively aggressive population. It was hilariously funny to watch a match before it was outlawed. They got mad and stressful and one of them even had a stroke of anxiety.

At 12:00 noon the schoolday ended. At about 10:30 in the mornings, my grade was in a gym hour when we were hearing a shrieking cry from an extremely fearful schoolteacher. You said they'd come to our college the next orgasm. The Dover Stars, who never won, had just won the semi-finals of the Between the Pipes event with a 9 to 1 result.

Oswiego was the first side we made. Is it going to be thick or thin, big or small? On the first sight, the individual in front of me was not at all what I had hoped. After the uninterrupted speaking era was over, it was certainly painting a picture, which was not surprisingly accompanied by more speaking!

Though I have a different view of the occasion, I still don't see why I didn't have the guts to ask someone around for a replacement pens, especially if the one next to me had taken their whole case with me. This was the second match of my second major team in the small team.

In my first year I was sitting on the benches because I was the youngest member of my squad, but this year was my second year and I was eleven years old. and we were short of mugs. Last year, my side was the last to finish, so the VFW thought they had an easier one.

but it was a great way to start playing ballpark. When the referee said I was a jittery ship. At the end of the fourth run my squad gathered for 5 races, and now I had a 7-0 leadership with only two innings more.

There was another blow to take until the match was over. and the dough was too short. It was a one-hitter against the best of them. On the first of the days I used to play a lackeys match, it was very catchy. And we were on the Cocheco Club squad.

My colleagues and I were on edge all morning because for many of us it was the first match of our first league in which we played lackeys and clubs. They all warmed up when I got on the pitch before the match. So I glanced over at their side and found they were able to drop passports and not take any footballs.

I had Cocheco shot in the first minutes and I thought it would be a very long match. Cocheco beat us at one point by 5 points, but then an eighth-grader from our Claire squad shot. We had a great crowd. "When I got to the gate, I went past a young woman on my Kenzie side and she made it!

We' ve won 11 to 2, but it' s true that we' ve been losing the match, but it' s true that some of the sides I' ve been on are really strong and have great athleticism. Our whole squad was still laughing and cheerful after losing 9 points. So I think it was an advantage for us to play such a good side in our first match.

Then, after dinner, it was story telling and our instructor was reading us a story and we were going to see a film. Today I still have the feeling that my first class was a little hectic. And I was used to an elementary college that was in the teacher's home with only seven schoolchildren. Now I can browse through the lower and middle schools with my eye shut.

We' d just returned from the vacation and it was off to perform the Lower School theater. Mrs. Isaak even gave me a little drums to listen to, to make it look like I was actually in the rain. I was singing loud and proud this song. The Bird Girl part and I had a great part.

I' ll wager if I hadn't done it, I would never have been auditioning for the pieces in junior high and I wouldn't be the one I am today. I got bogged down in the centre of a pond on my new motorboat one last year. When it was the first year that my whole household used the new vessel, I chose to take it around the pond for the first one.

It' only the second goddamn solo trip on a barge, so I was uptight. And I didn't even think about looking into the center of the water to see if it was misting. Then I took off the ship and got out into the centre of the water, and all of a sudden it was so misty that I couldn't even see where I was going.

I' m rushing through the movements, in order to reach the best moment, I have to go to the border. I' m struggling to find my instinct of hoping to end the violent races, one by one. I' m winning a great deal that whole damn thing, fourth in New England, best part. A new experience is always good, you always learnt from your own errors.

You have a different first days at and around your home. It was different when I started going to college because I never went to college and had no clue what to look forward to. "Because it' s schooltime, " she answered and lifted me out of my bunk onto the cool tile floors of my room.

You go finish your pockets down by the vehicle. The rattle of the motor came to a stop after ten to fifteen mins. Then my mother asked "do you like your new school""It looks great", I answer uncertainly about this new place.

"I' ll come get you when you're done, just sit outside,' I sit down with the other kids and listen to our schoolteacher talking about how funny the whole thing would be. It was a story from a ridiculous big volume she told the students and let us toy with the game.

First I was uncertain about preschool, but I came soon to get myself dressed as soon as possible to have more playing with my mates. And I like playing in my spare aime. Saxophone is my favourite tool, but I also want to know how to record and how to do it.

I' m a very competitve human being and it's not possible to be a perfectionist. Not only do the best artists perform well, they use their flaws as a new and resourceful way to enrich their music. I' m playing two kinds of saxophone, the alt and the saxophone. Sometimes it's difficult to change between the two, but it really does remind me of real live because they have to change many a time - sometimes they change school and make new ones, like I had to do this year.

Although the change is difficult, I always succeed in playing well and deftly. I like to see my buddies playing ball, and I always like a big challange (especially in sports). Winning or losing the match could be easy. This is the kind of situation I like to gamble in, because the whole match can amount to one person, a capture or an additional outlay.

and that'?s why I like playing ball. At the end of the training I also played soccer or another make-up match with the player who is on the field. and it' s always sober when I get back on the benches.

I' m playing for three sides this year, but I' ll be able to keep my full time. I' m playing in a small pitch this year. There' s a competition I'm taking part in in New York! On the last schoolday last year, our theatre pedagogue went to a lot of trouble to show us a "flash mob" in front of 400 kids and their mothers.

Back then everyone liked the song'Champagne Showers' and we all agreed that it was ours. Each Thursday, after the break, six grades gathered throughout the year to practise the routines, and as it got nearer and nearer the last class night, we became more anxious than ever before.

I' ll never ever remember how I felt on that last schoolday, beginning with my belly full of moths, and then proudly left the schoolstage. There was a football match a few short blocks back. It was in Medford, Massachusetts, more than an hours drive from my home.

We had a 10:15 match, but we had to be there half an hours earlier, so we arrived at 9:45. When my crew got warm, a judge explained to us that our match had been postponed to 11:15 because they had forgot our match. I was waiting in the field and warming up a little more until just before our match, but the matches went a little later, so we left at 11:30am.

We played against a side we had defeated and drawn, so they wanted to be tough for victory. We had a good start to the match. The other side replied with a fast score, so it was 1-1. Then, when it was almost halfway, they got a hit again, so it was 1-2.

And if they got a hit, they'd get going. When we hit it, it was our play. During the first five-minute period, they were scoring and we thought it was over after scoring two more. After eight mins we had 2-5 points and we had hoped to be able to construct something from it.

And then we score again and think, okay, we're only gonna lose in twos. And then I shot him, and we lost by one. There wasn't much more, maybe two of them. One of my team's players then tried to transfer it to the other side and it almost crossed the border, but he rescued it on the sidelines and then dribbling down the end line.

The referee then sounded the bell for the match. I' ve got a summer club! We went out after the match to get some coffee, hot chocolates and pizzas. The lack of the normal wind scorched me in the humid day. Aware that I will finish my studies this evening, the medieval college is bringing proud to my hearts.

At my todays classroom my boyfriends and I went to our next grade on the story of dinosaurs. Because your scripture about worship was the best," he answered, "but I still wanted more detail about why I got the amulet. We' all starting to dance like we were having the good old days.

It was a really nerve-wracking, unpleasant and for us odd period of the evening and yet after this joke. I was shocked to sense that, but fortunately at the last moment the principal explained that it was dancing with a member of the whole host families, so I chose my three year old brothers, Prince Jayden.

Smiling like a chileshire cats, glad that the dance was over, I went with my buddies for dinner. And then the retiring of everyone came, and most of the times, when you say goodbye, that can mean for the other person: "I will never see you again.

As on that particular evening, some folks cried a little to hide their eyes, but at the same moment they hugged their boyfriends and schoolmates. Coming and going with friends" - that is the cycle of our lives. It was peaceful at dusk when the princess and prince walked and all you could see was a gloomy shade dawning over the schools in ranting of the tree andleaf.

As I looked through the windows I wondered when I would see the coach leaving again. From Janelle Darwin Middleschule, Darwin, Australia. Dear Domo, the last schoolday, the last days of elementary education have come! And we keep asking her:'When will my free days be?

The pleasure of leisure, boisterous sound, boisterous pupils, boisterous games and advise what to do, NO dull woman B! Can' believe the free times didn't happen. Mrs. B. leaves the house more proudly than ever before, as if it were an achievement for her, GRRR....Fortunately for us the third and forth periods have been canceled because of an entire meeting.

One or two persons in the whole college don't get a competitive price, because they are the girl, I suppose.BZZZZ! The rest of the instructors are doing a theater piece. Our winner is an enthusiastic group! For the last and last year, the home bells are ringing, which means that the whole year 6 has done 2 things today.

Completion of 6th grade AND completion of elementary education! It' s a little heartbreaking to part with many of my closest buddies who move to different countries or to leave behind my little 5 year old boyfriends who were so kind and Ioyal. In my new college at least I will be able to experience new faces, new boyfriends and new adventure!

From Lucy Darwin Secondary School, Darwin, Australia. and it was about 30º out. If I' m playing midshipmen, I have to call up the games and memorize defensive signs and throw all the people in a pile. I didn't have to be worried in this match because I was playing nasal device, which is in front of the centre.

These are one of the strongest defensive stances because you are against the greatest players on the offense, but I' m pretty big, so it's not so tough to press back the centre for the mid lineebacker to get through to the quarterback sinking it. One of the reasons we won was that the side we were starting to play around and thought they had already won the match, but we hit two fast touch downs and the match was a draw.

We then made another touch-down to continue, then they shot a goal, then we shot a goal and then we made another point yield to continue with seven points. After all, we won with twenty-four to thirty points, and my whole squad had to be in the paper to win.

It is a funny period, but also a bit depressing. It' s an exiting period because you're formally in the middle of the year, but you have to say good-bye to your boyfriends until you get together over the whole year. Looking back on it now, I felt just like I did then, happily but sadly.

When I said good-bye to my buddies, I went out the front porch and rolled my rucksack behind me. I was nine when my football club went to a competition in South Portland. So the only thing we got there was that we didn't miss a match during the regular time. So the first match was just for my squad.

Next match was much harder. I' ve been playing the whole match on goalkeepers. Josh is the one who shot the only gate in the match. Third was the toughest match so far. It went through four gates, then my crew eventually achieved two gates in a series.

We were playing this match Bonny Eagle, and the end result was four to six. So we went into the semi-finals and against the Massabesic family. This was the hardest match I've ever had to play as a goalkeeper. It was a draw until the last moment when our best goal came from our best one.

And the other side has prepared for an attacking match. They' re abandoning the match. But neither side got a goal. and rescued three of the other team's kicks. The first is "I don't mind going to school".

It'?s a break and I found my old elementarychildren. Everybody's staring at you like you got a big bogy sticking out of your snout! All my other boyfriends are encouraging me to be in the back, but that's a big flaw. I' m supposed to tell my mates, but it'?s too long.

Stomping past me, staring at my buddies who have just implanted themselves in their places. So, I think I just finished my first days of high education, or I thought so, until out of the sky I walked over a knee-high wall and walked upside down.

And I knew that my first lesson would not get me off without errors, crashes or events! From Alizza Darwin Middleschule, Darwin, Australia. And before I knew it, the doors of the schools were in view. I would have been trying to choose some at any other moment, but now that the faces of accidental kids are flying back and forth like moths, I didn't dare.

Then I went on, still sticking like a sticker on Mama's hands, past a daring plaque with the inscription "Parap Primary Schule, Working Together" and then through the Schoolgates. When I went to my class room I tried to put them in the background, but they were as obstinate as kids in their mothers.

"I' m Chelsea," I babbled softly, "What's your name? It was not necessary to ask, because it was evident that we had just become good buddies and the sparkling knowledge in Eliza's eyes made me old to think the same thing. As the sun shone in the dark, my sense of Parap Elementary School lit up and my cheerfulness was flying into every inch of our class room, willing to help us next year.

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