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Choose which form of Ebook Publishing Company you should start. Many different types of companies exist such as S-Corporations, Sole proprietorships, General Partnership, Limited Liability Companies and more. Everyone has his own advantages and disadvantages. The majority of self-publishers set up a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company. If you establish an independent publisher, you can register your ISBN with your company name as a publisher.

Founding a publishing house

Hasel Cushion is the creator of Accent Press, a highly acclaimed publisher that began as a students' work. Accent sells and sells literature all over the world, on the site of a Welsh mountains. Much of Hazel’ title competes in the top ten of the bestseller list, not too poor for a company that is only five years old and operates from a frontroom.

So how did you end up in Wales? Returning to England after years of foreign residence, my late husband was still working abroad, we have just relocated to Wales. Making an MA in creativ typing - I was 40 when I began, my kids (triplets) were five years old each.

Have you felt lonely in Wales? High School: I was a lone parent who ran the home with the kids, and I just knew I would never get a work in Wales to make the kind of cash I needed. SG: Was the establishment of the company a straightforward outcome of your studies for your MA?

Trying to think of a deal that I could run where I could be in Wales, I took this course without knowing it would work. And so we agreed that we would make a sales copy of a work. You had a college program at the college where they were helping you start a company, so we started a small publishing company.

And we received grants to make our books, all on a commission-base. SG: Did you think you were the original company builder? HighC: I'm worried it's a little reflective about my character, but every commitee I join does all the work in the end, because everyone on the commitee tends to retreat!

High Centigrade: I interfered in the company and manufacturing aspects of selling and selling and found that I was totally excited. I' ve learned how to taste a work and things like that; it seems an unbelievably scary thing if you haven't been in the publishing process before, but it's actually so easy.

SG: When did the money start to fall that you could be a succesful businessman? High Centigrade: I realized that a notebook is a good thing that you can make in your front room, because all you need is a computer. They don't really do it there, you are paying a printer to do it, so I didn't need great premise - it was financially viable to do it, the hardest part attracted sells.

I' ve also received a founding scholarship from my district councillor. All in all, so I began with about 20k pound funding. SG: With 140,000 titles released in the UK every year, how did you distinguish yourself? I' ve brought Katie Fforde on for the first time.

Uh-huh. I also got on the telephone to WH Smith and got my first notebook into his top 300 memories. We have been entrenched and inspired beyond many small publishing houses. SG: How did you keep up with your first inning after such a good first inning? Many publishing houses receive scholarships from the Arts Council. t...

We are an independant publisher, so we really have to be commercially what we do. I' m targeting a book that has a good advertising opportunity, where there is good interest in the press and where there is a good spot from which you can get advertising. They didn't know how small we were because we were always intrusive with our advertising.

SG: Many entrepreneurs are talking about the stress and responsibilities of managing their own businesses. It' puts you under a great deal of stress because it can be difficult to motivate and energize everyone and get them to work, to live, to kids and the like.

SG: Do you think it would have been possible to run a succesful publishing house in Wales 10 years ago? Humboldt-C: I couldn't have started my publishing house 10 years ago from my own room. I can now enjoy sitting on my Welsh hill in my elementary education (Hazel's house and office) and run a thriving publishing house.

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