A Piece of Creative Writing

Lettering and creativity

That thread or the creative pen? You ever accidentally step on a piece of gum. Why are you so different? Actually, I'm nobody. As a writer, creative writing professors use these reflective pieces to understand you better and to understand how the pieces you have written.

The FIVE BEST ESSAYS - Small World

Piece of shit. I' m nobody in comparison to the world's six billionpopulations. I don't care about me when you compare me to Barack Obama and Mahatma Gandhi. I' ve got all these images in my mind, most of my whole being. Seeing images from my first class and reminding me exactly how the beams of the summer morning light went through the window of the class room and lit up my classmates' souls.

Well, I think I can keep these paintings better than other folks. Others ignore these little things. and try to picture their lives. Others would call me crazy if I told them what I see. I' m so different because there are so many images in my mind and sometimes I feel like they make my thumbs up.

That'?s why I put them on a piece of sheet of cardboard. I sometimes even put these images into the kind of work I do and even split them with others. There is another good thing, besides the images, why I am so different and why I am who I am: That'?s why I get a lot of looks from the street like they just saw an air-iden.

I' m a piece of shit, even though I have written these words to make myself important. I' m nobody to the six billion people in the whole wide globe, and I' m nothing to you and your family. Are you eating icecream? I' m Martina, I' m a peppermint hot fudge, I' m a little taut, like a biscuit, my coat is blonde, like mousse.

I' m the flawless objection to Mint Chocolate Preamble. I like to chat a little, I like to meet newers. Best thing that makes me smile is when my boyfriends are feeling good. I' m worried about those in need. I' m worried about the environment and I can't bear it when humans dump their garbage on the floor.

In particular I like to read tales about those who used to live during the Second World War. I' m talking to my buddies about everything: from my songs to the guys, from dancing to my lessons. I would call my boyfriends and make an amazing trip to New York!

Being a windbag, I see eating as a part of culture. You know I'm a brothel of spaghetti and candy. I' m so young and I want to do a lot of things in my whole being. I' ve been in Camponogara all my lifetime and I like to live here because it's a small city and I know most of the population.

However, I enjoy it because my boyfriends and I can spend a long period of indoors. The folks here are very whimsical, but when there's a party, everybody's happy. We' re always willing to meet new guys! I am concerned about the fact that most youngsters ignore our mother tongue, because many of my boyfriends do not know or don't know a little Veneto.

A lot of locals from all over the globe come here to eat our specialties like noodles, pizzas, pastas and other dishes. I don't want to be a windbag all my Iife! She is a little woman with long golden brunette with long black curly legs and long black skulls. She is reminding me of the kind of candy my grandma used to give me.

" Will we have a new schoolgirl? "She just came from Italy," my schoolteacher goes on. "Elena, just have a seat next to Julie. You' re going to be good mates. "Julie is the best student in our group. She' s taking her ledgers and leaving after graduation.

" She' s running with teardrops in her eye, not looking back. I could not just be a perfectly loved little gal with a thin figure and smooth, deep, dark coat, why? Couldn't I be the open-minded gal with lots of boyfriends? Since when am I me and why am I that big-ass gal who likes to eat?

"Elena, it's eating! "Elena is lying in love with her face in the cushion. It' s freezing here, she has to study a new tongue, she doesn't get any boyfriends, and the foods they are eating here are just so weird. Julie annoys Elena. She looks at herself in the vanity mirrors in the bath.

I' m just a young big stepdaughter. She looks at the cliffs. Was it a little gal standing there? But she doesn't give a damn. Elena can see the little gal down in the ocean. They throw Emma between the big swells, and then Elena gets it. It' Elena!

Smile from Elena, but it won't take long. Everyone on earth is different. So I think that impartial choices, morals, physical distinctions and distinctions are all things that make us different. Discrepancies are things like race, nationalities, tastes, religions, skin color, years. At times hating, insulting and at other times even killing because of their different nationalities, religions and even because of the preference of another game.

The most frequent is when humans have a complex; they want to appear higher to make other humans appear lower because it is more difficult to growth than to lower others. And they are fanatic religions; zealotry blinds them. So, the trouble today is that we try to find distinctions between ourselves; yes, we are individual, but we need to find some things in common: things that hold us together.

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