A Nice Short Story

Beautiful short story

Brief inspiration stories are powerful reading;. What's great about them is that they're so easy to digest, and there's always a moral at the end of the story. What's a great short story? One man packs his suitcase to leave the house forever.

You're too beautiful to use right now.

So what are good short films?

STYRY 1: The gnat came back after its first flight. "The second story: British: Scenario 3: The telephone bill was very high. "History 4: STYRY 5: A man bought a toys in a store as a gift for his boy at Christmas. History 6: The moral of the story:

There was once a turtle and a rabbit arguing over who was first. It was they who chose to resolve the dispute with a species. The two of them arranged a course and began the run. When the rabbit ran ahead, it ran fast for a while. When he saw that he was way ahead of the turtle, he thought he would spend some quality relaxing under a log before he continued the game.

He was overtaken by the turtle who ended the competition as the unchallenged champion. And the rabbit awoke and realized he had dropped the game. Morality in the story is that the game is winning slowly and steadily. That'?s the story we all grew up with.

a more interesting account of this story. But the rabbit was frustrated that he had dropped the event and made a root cause analysis. The only reason he realized he had dropped the event was because he was too self-confident, imprudent and slack. The turtle couldn't have beat him if he hadn't taken things for granted. No.

So, he defied the turtle to another breed. So the turtle gave its consent. The rabbit went out this rabbit and ran from beginning to end without interruption. Morality of the story at ? Quick and consequent will always defeat the sluggish and the steadfast. When you have two guys in your organisation, one slowly, methodically and reliably, and the other quickly and still reliably in what he does, the quick and dependable guy will always be quicker than the slower, methodically guy will scale the organisation leaders.

It is good to be sluggish and stable, but it is better to be quick and dependable. The story doesn't end here. Now the turtle has thought a little and realised that he can't hit the rabbit in a races the way he just made it. For a while he thought and then defied the rabbit to another races, but on a slightly different itinerary.

Rabbit approved. Following his homemade confession to always be quick, the rabbit took off and ran at top speeds until it reached a wide canal. And the rabbit was sitting there asking himself what to do. Meanwhile, the turtle spun along, entered the stream, floated to the opposite shore, went on and ended the game.

Morality in the story? This story isn't over yet. Both the rabbit and the turtle had become quite good acquaintances at that point, and they thought together. They both realised that the last round could have gone much better. So, they agreed to drive the last round again, but this year as a group.

The turtle was taken to the riverfront. There the turtle took over and floated over with the rabbit on its back. The rabbit wore the turtle again on the opposite shore and they crossed the finish line together. Morality in the story?

Further teachings can be learned from this story. Please be aware that neither the rabbit nor the turtle have given up after shedding. When the rabbit failed, he chose to work more and more than that. So the turtle switched strategies because he was already working as much as he could.

Also the rabbit and the turtle have learned another important lecture. Pepsi-focused and intention on gaining a 0. 1 percent stake in the markets a while. Goizueta chose to stop vs. Pepsi and instead fight against the state of 0. 1 percent increase. Conclusion: The history of rabbit and turtle teach us a lot.

Key learner are: that quick and constant beating will always be slower and constant; working on your skills; bundling your ressources and working in a group will always hit single performer; never give up when confronted with failures; and eventually fight the situait. To put it briefly, BE STRATEGICAL!

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