A good Writer is a good Reader Discuss

Good writer is a good reader discuss

Writing was quite mediocre, and the worst part was that it didn't have to be. It' certainly been my experience. Making a good literary talent - entertaining Samikshya Bhattarai from Swiss Post spoke to her about her love of children's music. So what inspires your commitment to literary work? For me, it was always my work.

I' ve had an indisputable tendency to read and write for as long as I can recall.

As a child, my background was an important source of inspiration for reading and text. My sibling always encourages me to continue my work, and brings me many novels to swallow and refine my habits of his work. It has to be said that my work at Save the Children has also helped me to become involved in the world of reading by giving me the chance to follow my passion for pen.

At work I met and interacted with many of my kids who inspire many of my story. They wrote for grown-ups and kids. For the latter, is it more demanding? It' s thought to be an elementary task for kids; the truth is that it's quite a challenge.

It' more difficult than to write for grown-ups. There are not many tales that have been created with the aim of amusing and encouraging the read. Today you have to be very cautious when you write a children's game. You have to be wary of what is spelled and how it is spelled - because the new generations of kids are wiser and more sensible.

The most important thing is to know the child psycology. Acting as a novelist, I have to be able to arouse the interest of my little readership time and again, and that's not simple. So how did working with kids help you write? I' ve worked in the communications division in the field of design, and during my work I had to deal with many kids.

I have found ways to interact and respond creatively to kids in the creation of communications for them. It was the trial and my experiences that made me somewhat able to grasp pediatric psycology. I' ve even written a few children's literature at work. So what makes a good author? Well, a good readership is a good author.

You can only be a good reader and have comprehensive skills if you read a great deal. You also have to be a good reader to be a good writer who is able to receive feedbacks and critic. It is important for a writer's development and thus for interacting with other writers and writers.

How would you like to advise those who want to become children's authors? However, from my own personal experiences I can say that anyone who wants to create children's literature should find ways to awaken children's inquisitiveness. Kids will only want to read on if their interests are protected.

Authors should go beyond teaching morality classes to kids and work on making the stories fun. Allow the kids to set their own morals. So what would you like to tell the reader? First, I don't think many of us have become accustomed to that. I would therefore like to invite the reader to learn more and inspire others to do the same.

I' d also like to ask the reader to criticize the writer constructively instead of harshly. Let me urge them to let go of prejudices against authors - especially women authors - and look at the contents of a book and not at the author's name.

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