A good Writer is a good Reader

Well, a good writer is a good reader.

Is an avid reader a good writer? You can only write well if you read a lot and have extensive knowledge. You also have to be a good listener to be a good writer - able to receive feedback and criticism. It is important for a writer's growth and thus for interaction with other writers and readers. No one and nothing is a better teacher for our writing than books.

Is a good reader going to be a good writer?

If you are reading things that you want to type, you will save a few words that you will like. You' ll always remember those particular words when you type. They want you to be integrated into your own work. If you' re reading things you loved, you will see pattern in these books.

You' re conscious of what you' re reading. And then you begin to type. Describe something you saw last week-end. Once you are in this stream of writings, you can make the things you like. Then you' re reminded of all the great reading you've done, and maybe you can see it in the notes you just made.

They know you're making your typing better. You do this over and over again, so that you acquire more dexterity. Yes, I think it'?ll make your typing better. A lot of folks tend to be insatiable, but fight to line up text in a pleasant or even consistent way.

But being a good writer without having to read would be nonsense. Lettering is making read. I can' t believe you wrote without actually having read. Coming to the derived essence of your question: No, just a reader does not make a writer do well. But without good readings, you'll miss a well-written piece of fiction. Drumming is not always a good dancer because they never have a shot at dancing (as they so often stand on stage and play).

It is unlikely that a dancer will not understand the "rhythm" or the idea of the "beat" if he or she cannot play the drums well. There may be some who have good enough feet co-ordination to be able to dance, but not the necessary hands co-ordination to be able to percussa. Likewise many insatiable and insatiable people become good authors, others not, no matter how much they try.

But as Jasper says, there are no warranties for write success[no matter how much you have read]. While it may not always be the case that an eager reader is a good writer, this proves to be the case in most cases: http://www.goodreads. com/topic/s...., which is why teacher who are in charge of imparting literacy should actually concentrate on "writing tips" as part of the "reading class".

Discussing the style of a renowned writer while he reads his work with the group would be a good practice. http://www.researchomatic. com/Wr..... Nearly all good authors have been enthusiastic followers, but enthusiastic followers are not necessarily good authors. However, eager readership has great promise of being a quick-witted speaker.

To write demands a great deal of imagination and creative thinking.

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