A good Story in English

Good story in English

Genre(s), Short story, Southern Gothic. You shouldn't miss a good piece of literature: Writing stories is a very interesting part of the English exams. Join in reading in Spanish or English. " The magic tree" is a story to teach little children good manners.

You be good to your enemies, moral history

A long time ago, there was a little kid by the name of Sammy. A good kid. Good in his study, submissive to his mum and dad, more bright than many other young men in his grade and friendly to everyone. Both Sammy's adults and juniors were very fond of him. However, this made many other young people jealous who yearned to be as much beloved as Sammy.

There was another kid called Timmy who was in the same grade as Sammy. In contrast to Sammy, he was not good at learning and always liked to gamble during his schooldays. he' behaved badly with his folks, harassed his mates and even mistreated Sammy. He' always tried to knock Sammy down and belittle him in front of other children in the group.

Sammy has received awards from all over the world, whether in college or in sport or from his schoolmates. Sammy received a beautiful pencil from his mum and dad on his 8th year. It was taken to schools so that he could write down the lecture notes given by the schoolteachers.

Timmy saw it, he was very envious of Sammy. And he asked Sammy, "Hey, where'd you get that? "My folks gave it to me for my birthday." Sammy back. Time was overpowered by rage and envy. At the break, when everyone had left school, Timmy opened Sammy's pocket and took out his crayon.

As Sammy came back and couldn't find his crayon, he told his schoolteacher. They were chasing for the lack of a pencil and the classmaster ordered the lab supervisor to check the pockets of all the schoolchildren. Shortly after the pencil was found in Timmy's pocket, the angry schoolteacher asked the wandering boy: "Now, Timmy, what do you have to say about this?

" Thimmy was in awe. As Sammy saw Timmy crying, he felt sorry for the kid. After Timmy's purloined pencil was found, he told his schoolteacher not to do anything about it. Now he could see what a good kid Sammy was. He' asked his instructor and Sammy for his pardon.

He became a Sammy buddy from that date and slowly began to change to be as good as Sammy. Everybody started to like Timmy and Sammy was proud of his new mate. Although he was injured by Timmy, Sammy only gave him back true loving-- You be good to everybody. There once was a peasant who had a small country.

He was Tuan and he was a very friendly and good-natured people. Living with his family in a cottage on his own country, he made money sellin' everything he could make on his little area. And Tuan used to love helping others. Every time someone got sick or needed something urgently, Tuan was there to help that people.

When someone else was dying in the town, Tuan helped the dead man's relatives in every way he could. When someone got ill at nocturnal time, Tuan was right next to the local physician to help him get the medication ready and take care of the people. It seemed he was popular.

There was one individual who wholeheartedly hates Tuan. It was Juan, a neighbor of Tuan, who was living in the country next to him. Naturally a rotten man, Juan has hardly bothered as much to farm his own lands as Tuan has done to grow his own cereals.

When it was harvested every year, Juan found that he had very few harvests to buy. On the other side, Mr. Tuane made a considerable gain by the sale of his products. A few nights before Juan was to pick his crop, Juan burned it down at noon.

It was only the vigilance of one of his other neighbors that kept many of his harvests from sinking into the fatal fire that Juan had lit. As the fires were extinguished, Tuan saw from which way the fire had broken out.

Juan's hostility to him was not known to Tuan. This year Tuan was able to market the remainder of his harvest at a good value, but he could not make much money because a large part of his products had been used up. A few short journeys later, Tuan woke up to the sounds of lament.

The villagers physician was not able to heal him. And Tuan knew what he had to do. He then hurried to the city ten leagues away and got a more senior physician who was living there. In a few short hrs the kid got a good night's rest and Tuan went back to the city.

But he was amazed when Tuan said he knew everything. "I had burnt your crop? And Tuan blinked and said: I did what I thought was right. "Juan got up and hugged Tuan. He was able to grow a lot of grain on his property within a year due to his tough work.

As the others asked him how he had so much altered, he simply replied: "It was the kindness and charity of Tuan that turned me. Years and years ago there used to be a puppy called Tom. Tom was living all the time in a cattery on the grounds of the building and tried his best to watch over his mistress's shelter.

Tom's friendliness had conquered the hate of his perpetrators, and he had deserved their loving, respecting and admiring, which nothing in the world could buy. Morality: Be good to everyone, even if they are your enemy.

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