A Girl's Guide to Chaos

Guidepost for girls to chaos

She is Cynthia Heimel at her best! Mrs Heimel is a delightful, neo-feminist humorist who is best known for her funny and immortal sex tips for girls. SITUATION:: CRYANTHIA HOMEL BURLESQUE COMEDY,'GUIDE TO CHAOS Cynthia, the main figure and alter egos of writer and widow Cynthia Heimel, claims in ''A Girl's Guide to Chaos'','I am Dorothy Parker - everyone knows that. As Dorothy Parker, Ms Heimel is an urbane romancer with a devastating X-ray visions that permeates her most treasured imaginations.

Shamelessly, Cynthia ponders out loud about''the dark eyelashes that frame the foamy ocean eyes'' by''a delightful ball of a man hung on my arm''. In" A Girl's Guide to Chaos", a loose knitted dramatisation of Mrs Heimel's comments, which appear on a regular basis in "The Village Voice" and "Playboy" and were gathered in two volumes, the dramatist describes this dual view in an amusing and convincing way as the final sensitivity of a certain race of Manhattan women in the 1980s.

Young, knowledgeable, white, unmarried, post-feminist and straight, these females are both hyper-romantic and hyper-sophisticated, fighting to balance "liberated" ideals with traditional movements of politics and sex. A Girl's Guide to Chaos", under the direction of Wynn Handman, is the twenty-fourth show in the American Place Theater's American Humorists show. Cynthia follows the fate of her two friends and an ex-boyfriend.

Both the exboyfriend Jake and the New York singles man Eric Booth play with the real self-control. Violent ways in which the general opinion of the woman, her complicated sex label, her eternal jealousies and desires are revealed and dismembered in the course of aphorist talks, which are generously filled with changing room vocabulary.

Mrs Heimel is particularly pleased with the terrible details of the date. Cynthia is played by Debra Jo Rupp with an attractive mix of plucking and mischief. One of the main themes of'A Girl's Guide to Chaos'' is that in the 1980s stand-alone girls have no clear examples, as they have in other years.

Myrna Loy in ''The Thin Man. That Mrs Heimel in her writing and in this staging is a picture of the lonely 80s wife - the postmodern romantics? Romanance X-Rayed A GIRL'S GUIDE TO CHAOS, by Cynthia Heimel; director Wynn Handman; scenery Brian Martin; light designer Brian MacDevitt; suit designer Deborah Shaw; head of directing Rebecca Green.

Performed by the American Place Theater, Mr. Handman, stage manager; Julia Miles, deputyireur.

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