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In a short story, the main character often. I realized something important for the meaning of history. Belletrist in general. deck-page-img. A protagonist in a dramatic or narrative work that usually tries to achieve or work towards a goal.

Belletrists often do research before they start writing.

In general, do fiction artists have as good a remembering record as the people that they work for?

I am not sure what you are referring to in relation to the author's mind. Authors are true people with their own recollections. It is fictitious and carries the reminiscences that the author has allotted him. Depend on "sheets" when you create a drawing.

Look at all the detail, even if it is not in the history. Your personality must have the deepness of a true personality. I have seen a fiction in which the name of a minor part changes approximately in half of the film. Or, a personality is imported and referred to by other personalities, although there was no previous interact.

Last year I was editing some pages where a person began as a woman and then a few sections became man. Those things are the author's failures. Tales are reworked and altered, personalities come and go. It is the author's job to make plenty of note of what is going on.

That' s an interesting issue and I think that the authors' recollections have a role to give a person a memory. Being a fiction writer, I build many of my major protagonists on my experience in living and interacting with other persons. I' m using my mind to build the personalities of the protagonists in the narrative, and they are built on humans I know and have known.

And as I create the storyline, the protagonists create their own lives and memories. That sounds weird, but authoring the tale often evolves as I am recording what a different propensity for scene exists than I had foreseen. And the remembrance I began with is fading into the shadows.

Had I only had to trust my memories, my protagonists would have no memories at all. Like in the earlier replies, I use memos, time lines and charactersheets, which I often use when writing. Robin says in her reply that she uses qualities of those she knows. Too often I have humans in my thoughts when I create my figures, which certainly help to recall certain parts of their personality.

As for their name, where they went, etc., it's back to the old cheatleafers. to the detriment of my character. When I choose that someone is forgetting something, or that someone else has a poor mind - they do it.

Usually I can recall 12 different personalities, focusing on where they were and what they did the last time I saw them. Though I think I have about 80% of all of my character's in my head... although it does take me a while to memorize all their name. But, for my part, I would be totally doomed without the many memos I use to keep up the recollections of my people.

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