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Bike-Blog The search for bike-friendly children's books in a world where cars rule. A S Byatt's children's book. I'll have a copy made. Our personalised children's books are perfect for all ages, with your child at the centre of the story. Reading books to children of all ages is beneficial.

Site for the annual Grampian Children's Book Award.

Best Children's Literature 2017 | Literature

This cat adventures from the much-loved Mog and The Tiger Who Came to Tea with the snow-white Katinka and her uncommon cock will delight the little ones with its smooth, golden-coloured homeliness. Everybody shines in the block-like, softly red-hot pictures, from humans to domestic animals to clumsy Christmas decorations; at the end of the book it will also be the reader.

Costas short-listee Rundell's first trip into the younger world is a funny tale of a lonesome young man, four roguish woodcarvings and a desire for an improbable badge, perfect with Sutton' s complicated, lavish illustration. In the midst of a wealth of art-oriented children's non-fiction books, Thurlby's alphabetic leader - an introductory book to the National Gallery and many of the artist, technique and movement - is distinguished by unmystifying excitement, daring, cheerful designs and an inspirational feeling for possibilities.

Nicely arranged and clearly illustrative, this delicious book contextualizes extracts from Tchaikovsky's ballett soundtrack in a sugar-sweet re-telling of the film. With a preface by Frank Cottrell-Boyce and Tove Jansson's illustrious work, Ardagh's powerful, funny, carefully written guidebook to the Moomins, their boyfriends, their philosophy and habitat - and the lives of their mystical creators - provides hour-long rummaging for young and old.

During her whole lifetime Amihan has been living on the Isle of Culion, where many of us have got the disease - also the mom of Amihan. But it is a place of pleasure until hard power comes down, separates the family and uproots them. An outstanding first, this US novel is the Black Live's Matter-inspired tale of Starr Carter, whose girlfriend Khalil is killed by a policeman as she watchs-and whose shared existence gets out of balance.

Founded in outer space, Leo lived his whole lifetime on the Moon 2 spacestation with the astronauts Libra and Orion. In Leo's abridged, innuendo-rich dictation, this is an exceptional sci-fi, as varied and humanitarian as Iain M Banks in his best form.

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