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AS Byatt's children's book AS Byatt AS Byatt's charged report on the dangers of artistic creation frightens Alex Clark. Try to find out how to market children's books online? Childrens book covers must be playful and eye-catching. Like publishing a children's book. Stardom alone will not sell its efforts to such discerning readers.

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Wellwood Olive, Humphrey's spouse, Tom's mom, and many other children, an author of children's literature, mostly fairytales. A very modest man, her salary helps the happy families in their big home called Todefright. Olive's sis Violet Grimwith holds the home for the Wellwood household and names herself the "real" mum of the children.

He is distrustful of fast wins, very fond of females and has a wife to Olive. Olive and Humphrey's oldest boy, Tom Wellwood, is in love with the outdoors. Elder daughters choose to become a physician. Wellwood Phyllis, another beautiful little girl who enjoys running the household.

Harry Wellwood, Olive's last child. Rosy, a recently deceased newborn. She had her first very young infant, Peter Wellwood. Hasil Wellwood, Humphrey's big-brother. He's good at bank. Catherine Wild Birds Wellwood, the boss's daugther, Basil's woman, maiden in Germany. Charles/Carl Wellwood, her father, who becomes an anarchist.

She is Griselda Wellwood, her beautiful and learned girl. Italy's Florence Cain, his subsidiary, who is closely associated with Gabriel Goldwasser. In the Dungeness department store: This is Benedict Fludd, an eccentrically talented painter and potters whose works are gathered. The seraphita (Sarah-Jane) Fludd, his embroidered woman and little else.

This is Geraint Fludd, her boy, interested in doing deal. She is Imogen Fludd, her daugther, saved by Prosper Cain. her sleepwalking daugher, Pomona Fludd. Philip Warren, an outlier from the plants, who becomes an apprentice of Benedict Fludd. Phillip finds Elsie Warren after her mom died and then holds the place for the Fludds.

Elena, his woman. Not a good student of Benedict Fludd, but perhaps better as a patron of the fine arts. Do you? Pheebs Methley, not really Herbert's woman. One of Humphrey Wellwood's "widows", Marion Oakeshott, a schoolteacher from the area and a schoolmate. Marion's boy, Robin Oakeshott, who looks a lot like Robin Wellwood.

An Anselm Stern, a puppet and marionette artist who once knew Olive Wellwood in Munich. This is Angela Stern, his woman. Humphrey and Olive's old boyfriend, Toby Youlgreave, is teaching the older guys and getting ready for university. The New York Times book review Dangerous Fancies by Jennifer Schuessler, October 8, 2009.

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