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An author of books

He is a member of a musical team that creates the plot, the character development and the dramatic structure of the musical. In essence, the playwright is the playwright of the musical. Chris Baty, creator of National Novel Writing Month and author of No Plot, quotes: "A deadline is optimism in its simplest form. Time to bring yours to the surface.

author of books

He is a member of a playwriting staff that develops the story, the characters and the dramaticals. In essence, the author is the dramatist of the play. He/she works very close with the songwriter and songwriter to produce an integral play.

There' s a general misunderstanding that the author only types the dialog; although the text contains the narrative text of the play, it is much more than that, it defines and organizes the drama of the whole play, as well as the plot that the songwriter(s) is (are) musicalizing. There is little or no text that can be said, even "sung-through", "operatic" or "well-composed" plays call for as much participation from a author as there is from an author of books with comprehensive dialogues.

In many cases, the author of the book is also the songwriter, writer or stage manager of the aria.

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