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The YA novel See All the Stars is part love story, part thriller, part coming-of-age story - and definitely a book that is devoured in a train. "From Santiago to Barcelona, from Cario to Istanbul, this bizarre book explores cities that are less noisy but more useful: Trees. and he' s so lonely in his guardian's house. Which group of readers, if any, would find this book most useful? The art of developing a perfect academic review format may be a tedious task for any student, but there is nothing to worry about.

The 3 faults of my live

The first thing you notice about Chetan Bhagat's books is the fact that this writer is writing about Indians and for Indians. Bhagat's new and third book "The 3 Errors of My Life" has all these characteristics. He has Govind as a hero with his love and astuteness for account and dealings, Ishan, for whom crime is the key factor in his live, and Granny, the child of a clergyman and faithful companion, who is prepared to do whatever his boyfriends play for.

This book is built on actual occurrences. Dramatically enough, Bhagat received an e-mail from Govind, who had taken many tablets and wrote to him while he waited for the hug of the fatal insomnia. This book is loose on the three errors Govind made in his lifetime.

The next thing is a mixture of crime, faith, business, affection and fellowship. With the help of Granny's familiy, he and his buddies set up a sport store on the grounds of the Shrine. As Ishan trains young guys in crime and Ishan' s brother Vidya, who also conquers his hearts, is teaching mathematics, the store thrives.

Ali, a children's champion, then encounters Ishan with a hyperreflex conditioning that makes him shoot every single shot for a six. Muhammad Ali shows the talents Ishan never had and Ali's fate becomes his own. Gran nymphs die and saves Ali and Ishan learns of Vidya and Govind, a treason he does not forgivethe.

Those incidents led him to his deathbed and that is when he wrote the e-mail to Bhagat. Not when the New York Times calls him the best-selling English-language novelist in the land, or when he exceeds the sought-after number of two million bookstores, but when someone decides to recall him in his final moments, then it goes beyond the wild.

"The" 3 faults of my life" is simple and has the qualities that make you want to see the book jacket in one session. This book's price is just right for the right group - youngsters. Like Bhagat's former "One Nocturnal @ Call Center, this book also has the Masala, the emotions and the tempo to turn into a possible rock-bus.

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