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Making it easy for authors to publish great books themselves. Where can I get my book published? If you are a writer who wants to publish a book, a prospective publishing professional or simply an enthusiastic book reader, we give you an insight into the book publishing industry. Like one publishes child books or eBooks even: We' ll serve you a delicious read.

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The authors use proofreaders and editorial staff. We' ll help you to make your book as good as possible. This is a one-to-one experience for every writer. You are dealing with true professionals who take good charge of your book. It'?s his envelope being judged by the public. Let your book look professionally - inside and out.

With our help we can bring your book to market with sales, PR and Amazon & iTunes e-book distributions. In our opinion, we provide the best value and the most individual customer care through self-published book publishing. Our personalized, tailor-made customer care is available at highly attractive rates. Our products are no different from the biggest publishers and are a million leagues away from the typically self-published titles so often created through on-line automatic publishing systems.

We work with you to get your book to life and promote it efficiently, and we can even take charge of all the media and sales.

Publishing my book

Where can I get my book out? To be an writer, a good starting point is your own community collection, where you will find a lot of information about groups of authors and many works about authoring and the publishing world. Knowing how our sector works helps you understand the dynamic of the store and how a book gets from the mailroom to the bookshelf.

Quite consciously in your own way and thoughtfully by your audiences and the needs of the markets, will certainly help to make your book known. For more information about the Penguin release, click here. So if you have the feeling that your work is willing to be made public, you need a frahling.

Agent can give you objective guidance on your work and know the most appropriate publishing house to take it over, not to speak of the fight for the best business on your behalf. What's more, they can provide you with objective information on your work. Society of Authors has some good (and honest) suggestions and information for self-publication, or "vanity publishing," as it is sometimes called.

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