A Book of your Life

Book of your life

It' one of those habits that really changed my life. She waits for her chemotherapy treatments when Will casually asks her what she reads. Since this year's Festival of Books is starting, we would like to hear from you: What is a book that changed your life, and how? Would you like to be inspired for more success?

Telling the story of our lives

It is all too simple to look back over the years and sense that our life has been essentially insignificant in times of sadness and lament. swaggering and annoying his moment on scene, telling of an imbecile, full of tone and rage, which means nothing. There is no life that can prevent a temporary high level of'sound and rage'.

Shakespeare's (instructive) "idiot" can turn the history of a life into incomprehensible and discouraging muttering. However, with enough sympathy and understanding we can also make something else and much more useful and redeeming out of the same as well. While we may not publish our tales, we still write them in our heads.

We find a history every single working days about who we are, where we are going and why the happenings were. Most of us are remarkably hard storytellers of these lifetimes. It may be possible to tell very different, far friendlier and more even-handed tales from the same facts.

Well - which is well-intentioned - storytellers know how to show a series of storytelling abilities that keep in check unjust, biased and self-destructive outbursts. First of all, these good storytellers acknowledge that life can make sense even when it brings much with it.

Noise and rage can lead to enormously significant insight. A good story teller knows that a life can make sense even if it contains long parts that at first sight appear to be a pure lavishness of it. In contrast to certain beliefs, the good story-teller also recognizes that there will always be a number of gamers who are to blame for adverse incidents in a person's life.

A good narrator is sympathetic. After all, good storytellers appreciate that even if they are not recognized as such by mighty authority around the globe, occurrences can be considered significant. You can go on holiday in a marquee and not in the president's suites, hang out with your grandma and not with a popular group, teach kids to learn to read instead of buy and sell businesses - and still make a rightful living.

Let us not allow misconceptions of the Prestige to hinder our efforts to concentrate on those parts of our life histories that actually sate. On our deathbeds we will know that much of our life histories have not worked out, that there have been unfulfilled hopes and loved ones that have been refused, that we have never been able to repair and that we have never overcome disasters and injuries.

But, as good storytellers, we will also know that there were strings of intensive value that supported us, that there was a higher reasoning that we sometimes followed, that despite the torments our life was not just sounds and rage; that our histories made meaning in our own way, at least in selected instants.

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