A better way to Write

Better way to write

Do you want to be a better writer? Crop these 7 words When you read this, you'll want to be a better author. But becoming a better author is hard to believe, isn't it? You' ve got tons of spelling conventions, a thousand words and a million ways to post a single note. So how does one become a better author when it' s so difficult to compose?

There are seven words you should not use in this paper, but if I had to give you some guidance on how to become a better author, that would be it: To be more peculiar is the part of the typing tip I give to almost every author I work with.

Unfortunately, there are no seven magic words to improve your spelling. Instead, these seven words KILL are your work. To be more precise, if you want to obey spelling rules number one, you need to look for these seven words. They' re usually a short cut to what you're really trying to say.

Whenever you find yourself typing, try to find a better (and more specific) way to formulate your messages. When you write about what not to do, the trouble is that you do exactly what you tell others not to do. Should you find me with one of these seven words or sentences in this or elsewhere, feel free to write me an angry e-mail and call me a phony.

Please also keep in mind that typing is still an artwork, not a scientific activity, and the most important principle of the arts is to violate the game! With no further ado, here are the seven words and sentences to be avoided if you want to become a better author. There are good authors. It is one of the most important spelling principles to be unique.

Most importantly, the most important spelling is to be unique. As you know, the term "some" is imprecise by nature, and as you know, vaguely written is not. When you want to become a better author, you should try to stay away from "some" and all his relatives: I had to struggle not to use it when I wrote this piece.

The term "thing", however, is an abbreviation and a symbol for a vaguely diluted script. When you see it in your letter, think about exactly what you are really trying to say. A good writer is unique. A good writer draws images in readers' heads. Which phrase draws a better image in your head?

Prevent adverse effects. Trim them to make your font sharper. Of course, that's how you become a better author. Finally, you'll be so quick and proficient that it's easier to type this way. Are you trying to prevent some or all of these words from appearing in your letter? For fifteen inches, type and put as many details as possible in the heel.

And, if you are sharing your work, please provide your comments on some of other authors' exercises.

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