6x9 Book Cover Template

stencil 6x9 book cover

4. Twenty-five x seven Book template Five. 6 x 9 paperback cover template. Explore Cover Template ideas. The book cover template is ready to design.

To download a file that will guide you through your cover, dust jacket or protective cover, click on the links below.

Get cover template

Please use the following input field to specify the book sizes and number of pages to get the perfectly bound album. Please see the table on the right to see the max. number of pages for each book format. No template is created if the page number is greater than the max. values.

If you need the cover artwork for spirally-binded books, click here to print it from our Print On Demand page.

Designing a book cover

Choose the Print section above and search through the displayed documents. Choose a template and click Download. Template theme opens in a new template and can be customized. A Missing Font dialogue may appear if the template uses scripts that are not on your computer.

In order to installs the fonts automaticaly, just click on Sync Fonts and the style in your template will be displayed as intended. Use the selection utility to click on the items you want to delete and click Delete. Once the Typ utility is activated, dragging it over the heading selects it. Enter your own text. It is just as easy to substitute longer text - just choose the text you want to substitute using the Typing utility and insert it from the pasteboard.

New text will use the format specified in the template will be used then. Use the Control Panel at the top of the page to modify the look. From the Fontsize drop-down list, choose a different typewidth, or touch the up or down arrows to the lhs. side of the Fontsize box until the caption appears to you correctly.

For more information about the types available, see Getting started with Typekit and Creative Cloud. Use the Rectangular Border utility to draw a border across the front. If you find an item in the results that you like, move it over the box and click to put it in place.

Right-click to have the picture fill the border and click Customize > Fill Perpendicular. Turn the picture by selecting 180 from the Angle of rotation drop-down list in the control box. In order to make them again viewable, you must modify their order in the layer area. Items in this template are placed on different levels.

Isolating items on levels allows you to work on and reorder them without disrupting other parts of your layouts. To do this, click Window > Levels. Click on in the Planes area to open the Text Plane group. Use the Shift key to open the Graphics/Design items tier group and click to highlight the two top levels. Pull to place it on top.

You can now display and interact with the levels properly now that they are in the right order. Use the selection utility to click on the light brown box around the heading. In Control Panel, at the top of the page, double-click the Fill Color box to open the color selection. Use the pipette utility and dragging it over the picture to apply color from your photograph.

Let go of the mousebutton and click OK to pick the colour. Tip: If you do not see the basket symbol, click on the cloudy symbol at the border of the photo area. In order to store your cover artwork, go to File > Store. For more information, see Creating a printable version of a PFD file.

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