5 Short Stories

up to 5 short stories

A series of five short stories for children in English. On the 1st floor five short stories for children in English. This short story will completely change your way of thinking. There are 5 short stories of literary greats, each accompanied by interesting discussion questions! Five that frosty look from my mother.

Unveils five children's novels in German and French

An abject forester felled the wood at the border of a pond in the woods. He was up awhile, and the Woodson was sleepy. He was desperate. When he cried with his arms, the Mercury came and asked what the problem was.

Woodman recounted what had occurred, and immediately the species Mercury dipped into the swimmingpool. And when he came back up, he was holding a beautiful gold ax. Merkur asked the woodman. and jumped back into the swimming pool. On this occasion he raised an ax of sterling steel, but the forester explained again that his ax was only an everyday one with a wood-grip.

When he resurfaced, he had exactly the ax that had been wasted. He was very happy that his ax had been found and could not thank the Lord enough. Mercur was very satisfied with the Woodman's sincerity.

Lucky Woodman came home with his treasure, and soon the history of his happiness was known to everyone in the town. They cried and moaned and shouted for Mercury's help. And, in fact, Mercury appeared, first to this, then to that. Mercury didn't give them the gold ax.

When they came back the next morning looking for their own axe, they were nowhere to be found. The bull once got out of a lion by stepping into a grotto where the goatherds entertained their herds in storm yonder and during the nigh. One of the goats was abandoned, and the bull did not come in until that goat bowed its heads and fell it with its hair.

Since the lion was still roaming in front of the entry to the cavern, the bull had to bow to the slander. So he made sure that all his neighbours heard about it and then laid down in his den to await people. He stood at a secure location from the grotto and asked the lion's medical condition in a polite manner.

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