5 page Short Story Examples

5-page short story examples

For example, there are many published short stories with more than 12000 words. There are 5 heartwarming stories that are incredibly memorable! Attempting to tell a 10-page story in five minutes or on one side is a great exercise. Two good examples:. You are on page1 - You are on page2 - Next page.

Prizewinning Kurzgeschichten (Short Stories)

These are the best of the best chosen by our honorary magistrates, who each took first place in a 2015 writing competition. Hopefully you are enjoying the best of what we have to show for it, and if you think you have what it took (and to be perfectly frank, everyone should try it at least once), then go to our writing contests page and see what's open right now.

An enthralling film about an zookeeper caught in a homemade cages. Hiding in the shade, thinking about our countryside. An oddly beautiful history of engineering on board a balloon. Sara Al-Saad shows us how hard it is to make up a show in this reviewer's comment. Norrish gives a troubling gruesome nightmare its distinctive second-person-view.

This is a surprise turn of events that looks like a simple tale about a mom, Kayla, who hides good tidings from her children. It turns out that's not all she hid in this tale of Sara Difrancesco's familial mysteries on her NIH-début. Jenny Aspen, winner of the prestigious German club awards Jenny Aspen sums up the whole affair with two males.

Initially published in the TRIGGER WARNING-Competition, Ash Warren gives us a well-founded insight into the samurai epic-style. It may have been a while since 1984, but Sean C knows how to record the paradox of fear in this epic example of Big Brother Überreach that triggered the COMFORTABLY ANON storyline competition.

Villasenor won first place in the JUST A POE BOY Shorts Story Contest, a write prize that asked writers to do their best. grotesque portrait was one of the most competitive contests of the year, with a host of strange and beautiful tales shortlisted.

Tobias Madden's history of romantic fantasies finally took first place. So what happens when you mix a sci-fi shot with fancy trophies and cover it all up in a marketer' s account for sale to young galactics? As we asked the writers to respond to a refusal for the BURN YOUR EDITOR Award, we should have known we were preparing for a crash.

With his slightly confused reaction to the refusal of a brief narrative, which is also strangely the one we are currently read, Charlie Novak picks up the publishers.

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