4 page Booklet Template

4-page booklet template

A 12-page booklet. A 12-page booklet. Use the page layout mode in page 3 or 4. The Catering is one of only two'single fold' brochures on the Template Chooser in Pages brochure page. Word 2013 Booklet Page Setup Fold Book.

To produce brochures with Microsoft Word 2013

Not only is Microsoft Word suitable for reporting. There are many additional features you can use to do more than just creating a document. Here's how to make brochures. As a matter of fact, there are many things you may know of a tool like Word, but you may not know where to begin. You can, for example, publish items directly from Word to your blogs and generate advanced flowcharts for your work.

I will take a look at the creation of brochures here. Brochures can be useful in many different contexts. For whatever reasons, creation with Microsoft Word 2013 is easy. Launch Microsoft Word 2013 and open the empty file that becomes your booklet. Then click the Print pushbutton in the opening menue.

You will see a number of choices for your machine. Browse to Page Setup - it is located at the bottom of the Print Options listed. From the Pages section, choose Bookfolder in the Multiple Pages section. Below this, the pages per issue are placed on All. This is the space between your contents and the place where you are folding your booklet.

Next, the booklet itself is created. Unlike the old Word 2010 era, when you had to make sure you created the pages yourself, Word 2013 will make it happen for you. That' s why I can just insert or type my contents, as shown below, and Word 2013 will make sure things are as they are needed.

Then click File, click Reprint, and if your printers can work on both sides, simply reprint your booklet. When this is not the case, under Pages, choose the option Single-sided printing and then Manual printing on both sides. When you' ve done everything according to the directions, you should end up with something like this, but I think your contents will be more complex and much more expressive.

To make your own personalized, professional-looking brochure or other brochure, take a look at Microsoft's free template-design. Do you have a question or a tip or trick to make a brochure, please feel free to write a review below!

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