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3rd Book Creator

It' real, people judge books by their covers! One can' judge a book by its cover. Use the Web app to create a 2D/3D book cover mockup to announce and promote your upcoming eBook / book. You can use this free 3D cover generator to convert your simple 2D covers into stunning 3D designs. Free-of-charge 3D eBook Creator software that lets you create interactive 3D eBooks from PDF documents.

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Spread your TXT book over the web, so anyone can view your book anywhere with a web interface, e-mail the eBooks you create and even spread them on CD-ROM, all without royalty! In contrast to other eBook documents, your Flash magazine, brochure or catalogue can be published on websites as an independent website or integrated into a website for display.

You do not need a license to create any of your Flash-Catalogues. You can use the software's editing tools to make various user-defined adjustments, such as altering the colour of the wallpaper or picture, adding wallpaper, selecting the Flash eBook viewing interface with your first langue, automatically playing the generated eBooklet, or even customizing the icons. It' a 100% free product for everyone, you can use the program to turn an infinite number of TXT Book into a fantastic flipbook.

One of the great features of the eBook is its 3D look and its real eBook look! The eBook page can be edited simply by adding link, button, flash, pictures etc. as comprehensive and interactively contents! In addition, it allows the user to quickly generate 3D models of their work. You can, for example, generate a 360-degree spun item to display an entire item.

Not only a flipping book to read, 3D eBook is also a delicious item as a 3D e-magazine, 3D e-brochure, 3D e-catalog to show you the most amazing 3D digi italics!

To make a 3D book cover in 5 mins.

Here is one of the most frequently asked questions: How can I create a 3D book artwork? You can also choose to install and run a programme; charge an excessive charge to the ISP; optimize the look for several lessons before you get a results you want. Thank God this new technique will produce even nicer 3D covers for your book.

This is the way the 3D sleeve of my latest book, SBS, came out. 1: Create your book art in Paint (my favorite ), Corel Draw, Photoshop or any other graphic art application of your choosing and store it on your computer. 2: The HTMLGiant empty 3D book templates are free to use.

When you ask yourself how to get it, right-click on it and select "Save picture as" to store it on your computer. 3: Go to the Pixlr Site Manager and select "Open picture from computer". 4: Then, from your computer, select the 3D book style you just uploaded in the above 2s.

5: Click on "Layer" and chose "Open picture as layer" under the option. Next, browse to your book art stored on your computer in #1. 6: Click on "Edit" and chose "Free distort" from the menu. Then, pull the squares of blues at the 4 borders of your book sleeve onto the 4 borders of the original until they fit well.

8: Click on "File" and select "Save". Secondly, whether you already have a book to release or whether you haven't even written the first part of your book, practise the above and tell me how simple it is in the commentaries (just use any picture you have to use for your book cover).

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