3 page Short Story

3-page short story

Stage 3: Find the focus of the story before you start. Sixty-eight hundred and one words, three pages. The sudden, heavy storm caught me completely unconscious. History of the Dragon Boat Festival. Three, give it to me quickly," Della said.


This semibarbarian kings develops a semi-barabarian (but completely fair) way of prosecution with two gates, a pretty queen and a very starving toad. He' dancing Maida Maaida, like a little flapjack around a candlestick. After all, how many power users know how to generate power? I' m looking at something I thought was alone.... a booklet, now fragile and suntanned.

Their scores were performed as easy dancing footsteps by enthusiasts.....

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You have searched over 400 articles on " " "

Are you able to create a 3 page long written narrative about everything in pictures?

Considering this in the back of your head, yes, a history (any history of any size) can be created in pictorial form. More than three pages, Gulliver's travels are a good example of a tale narrated in pictorial terms. It' not, it seems, a mediaeval phantasy tale about giant and small humans and speaking ponies.

Among other things, it is a comment on mankind's social and cultural structures (Gulliver's Travels). Though not a novel, the orginal sci-fi show Star Trek also used their tales as a disguised way to tell other tales (Space-racism is bad: Seventeen other not so subtile Star Trek lessons). Well, if a novel is not a "creative brief story", I don't think I could.

I' m not writing very brief tales when the three pages definitely count. However, the figural part of the speech should be simple for those who are writing in this plot. This is not supposed to be a stereo-typ, but so are Americans; it is a civilization that uses languages pictorially without think.

For inspiration, just browse some interesting tales from the South, even the kind of "Why I purchased this type of truck". You can also see Molly Ivins, who caught this very well.

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