10 ways to become a better Reader

Top 10 ways to become a better reader

Join your students in reading with this enchanting poster! Become a better reader? Hopefully you want to become a better reader. But don't worry about how quickly you read.

Top 10 Ways to Become a Better Reader {FREEBIE} from The Reading Bungalow

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Top 10 ways to become a better reader

It is well known that good literacy plays an important role in all other areas of education, so what do we do to promote the passion for it? The best thing you can do is just get ready! Speak loudly to your little one for at least 20 min each and do not stop when they are that small.

The time and interest in literacy decreases by the third year. As soon as the kids can learn to speak for themselves, the families stop talking with their young. Keep it up as a familiy through the teens. Alternate, argue about what you saw every single working days, ask what your favourite part was. I' m dying to see the Harry Potter book with my little lady, I just hoped she finds Quidditch as intriguing as I do.

My mother and I already started studying the 7th volume when we were young adults. It was 30 pages in front of me and we had to sit in different rooms and wait to see if I could listen to it wheeze, smile, sob or sob - I don't even like emotive butts... We started developing a connection about the writing early on, and I like that it stayed in the adult's bonnet.

So, tell me, what's your favourite textbook you can open with your little boy? It is full of classical tales, just great for reading for small kids.

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