10 Famous Books and their Authors

up to 10 famous books and their authors

The War and Peace of Leo Tolstoy. Viewers suggest the 10 best long reading times - Snapshot of the author: One or two questions are usually asked by books and their authors. Carefully read the article to study the list of important books and their authors and prepare yourself to solve all questions about books in the upcoming exams. This is where these 10 famous Japanese authors will take you.

10 biggest books of all time, according to 125 top authors (free download)

Made up of Hitchcock, Kubrick, Welles and Fellini film, this 2012 graduate listing came together when Sight & Sound (the British Film Institute's feature film journal) invited contemporaries' reviewers and filmmakers to name their 12 favourite film. Almost 900 cinepiles replied, and from these entries a meta-list of 10 was selected.

So, how about something like that for books, you wonder? We can look back on 2007 when J. Peder Zane, the publisher of Raleigh News & Observer, asked 125 top authors to name their favourite books - authors such as Norman Mailer, Annie Proulx, Stephen King, Jonathan Franzen, Claire Messud and Michael Chabon.

All of the listings have been put together in a revised Top Ten collection: Authors choose their favorite books and then start with an outlist, "The Top Ten". It was Zane who described the method behind the above listing as follows: "Each work, each author, each timeframe could be chosen by the students.....

With ten points awarded for each first place winner, nine for each second place winner, etc., the results were presented in tabular form to produce the top ten lists - the "very best of the best". A brief listing will appear below, along with a link to electronical editions of the works. While we couldn't deliver this text, we have something peculiar - an audiorecording by Nabokov when he read a section of his disputed 1955 novel.

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