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P. G. Wodehouse published his first collection of comic stories about the servant Jeeves in 1917. Nine steps to writing a short story. ( contains 100 free one-page English stories for ESL learners);

www.short-funny-stories. A short story, short fictional prose that is shorter than a novel and usually only deals with a few characters. About writing short stories.

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I was up here later in the afternoons and I, Harry Jackson, was strolling down my road as I was passing through the forest. I walked down the road every single morning, around, into the forest and pulled over. Always looking into the forests, I wondered what was in their deep. When I was a kid, I was seen at home, so I wasn't supposed to go into the forest, but today I felt courageous, so I took a little bit inside.

As I was taking this leap, something was happening, the breeze was stopping and I could have swear it was breezy, then I recognized something else, the birds had ceased to sing, what was going on? When I went on, I saw something in front of me, it was glistening and as I had never seen anything like it before, I went over.

You know, I was almost there when I quit. There was something moving, out of the angle of my eyes, I could have swear that something dark and rustic,) like leaves) had gone by. I was afraid at the time; I knew if I'd just remained out of the forest like I should have, it wouldn't have happened.

Then I glanced back at the sparkling subject, and I realised that it was even more aglow. Then I put the shady character in the back of my head and approached the subject. When I turned the small mound over to the subject, I was knocked. The only trouble was that it was right next to the mysterious building.

but not just any kind of blade, it was a burning blade.

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You phoned me that nigh. It doesn't like being phoned at nights, it awakens too many unpleasant reminders of dark lights, which are radiated by fluorescent lights even cooler than the body..... It' nice to watch her walk. Whenever I do that, she lifts her eye to the sky and says to me.....

There was a day at the North Pole when Santa realised he had a situation. Father Christmas was very old and was getting weary. When Pauline finished the dishwashing after breakfasts, she amusedly watched the bullfinch and bluetit fighting in the backyard over the pieces of crumb she had just tossed out of the backyard......

I' m gonna shut my eye for a few more seconds. And he was beloved by them, passionate, insane..... It was so handsome with its grey-blue eye that a fregate would tip over, its behavior, both male and.....

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