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A large online library of short feature films with monthly features and additions. 1) Start late in history. Please click below to see posts from other visitors to this page. A short story from 100 selected stories, by O Henry. Woolf's characteristic modernist style is illustrated by this very short story - just over 700 words.


It' got rose colored waters, blood's leaking into the crystal. The way I liveth and breath, I'll always lovethis hut. "I' m scared of the darkness. You are living in the most secure place in the whole wide planet, but you are gripped by fright. Local people are beginning to take dramatic measures to defend themselves.

Even glory can't save you when the worid goes south. One man told a boyfriend of a disturbingly recurrent one.


To the south-east of the plain of Buenos Aires is the lagoon of Cubelli, the "Lake of the Dancing Alligator". The dominant woman and woman disappear inconspicuously and inscrutable. An amusing supper chat in which Clovis concludes that it's finally decided that it's a good thing his mom is thinking about getting marrie.

As Henri Deplis becomes the screen for the last masterwork of the great tattooist Andreas Pincini, he finds that it is anything but simple to live as a piece of work.

Der Mensch und sein Hund (short story) (only 1 page!), short history by micwish

Small footsteps, very careful as his hound went by his side and sometimes halted to make his tracks. Then he went on the stony road. That man was old, his hairdos, a Snow White. Wearing a short-sleeved poloshirt and a couple of khakis and flip-flops.

I would say his hound, gold coat, it seemed almost shining and red-hot when he stood in the sundown. He calmed hisetriever and stroked her smooth coat. All of a sudden, upside down vegetation was covering the way with shadows, making the atmosphere colder. At one point, the hunting in the afternoons seemed comfortable and relaxed.

Stop and close my sight for a while; I smelt the smell of lion teeth that grew in the tares along the way. There was a chilly heat blowing through my long darker, tanned coat. Then I walked past them and stood in my footsteps and blocked their way.

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